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Printing in G7 & 8

The Last Unit of the Year Since this unit was taught in the last two weeks of the year, I changed it quite a bit. Firstly, Grade 7 were meant to be printing superheroes and Grade 8 were meant to be … Continue reading

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Printmaking Window Art G7

CONGRATULATIONS grade 7 you have finished the final task for this year, and they look amazing. We began with a normal printmaking task inspired by owls. The reason I chose this theme was because we don’t have to worry about drawing … Continue reading

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Stencil Art By Grade 8

The stencils were very successful. Their black and white prints are fantastic. Unfortunately the students only had 80mins to put the whole piece together so I wasn’t able to teach them about successful collage skills so they did what they … Continue reading

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Grade 6 Also Has Only One Week Left

It is the race to the end now. The students have successfully carved and printed their favourite Adinkra symbol and painted African figures inspired by contemporary art. They are now embossing a piece of metal and combining all images on … Continue reading

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Grade 6 Have Finished Their Posters

The students gained so much from this unit. Firstly they learned about Adinkra symbols and their importance in Ghanaian society. The students then had to create their own proverb, wise saying or helpful statement for the Lincoln Community. Their sayings … Continue reading

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3 Cut Printing in Grade 9-12

After the 9-12 class drew their still life they then had to create a stylized design in three colours. This was then transferred onto wood and carved in three stages. Here is the progress.

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What have Grades 2 and 2/3 been doing?

Grade 2 have been exploring a variety of techniques from frottage (rubbings), collage to drawing Hangzhou at night with the reflections in the water. Grade 2/3 have been creating beautiful collages based on reflections. They started this task with a … Continue reading

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