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I wrote earlier about this class  but just realized because of the art party preparations I never posted the final paintings. So here you go… “Foundations Art: 1 Culture Colour Paintings.” The students created colour mixing tutorials, learnt about RGB and … Continue reading

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Hundertwasser is Alive in G7

This is a continuation of my previous post where we left off with the students designing their gorgeous concepts. They were required to choose a Vietnamese landscape photo and reinterpret it using Hundertwasser’s colourful, symbolic and highly patterned style. These were created … Continue reading

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One of My Fav Art Challenges

I did this for the first time last quarter and it was a HUGE success. Since we only have a couple of classes to go for the school year I decided to try it again. I had the students form … Continue reading

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G6 NY to Vietnam Collaboration

For the last 5 weeks my students have been working with a class in New York. They have all been matched with a buddy. We have swapped photos and now it is up to each person to copy, REMIX, transform … Continue reading

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Quotes, Photos and Painting G8

Grade 8 students are reflecting upon their homes and what is important to them here in Vietnam. I have discussed this unit before but will do a quick recap for those of you who haven’t read the post. 🙂 Step 1: … Continue reading

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Grade 6 Quarter 4

This is my last quarter of grade 6 students. They also began with graffiti sketchbook covers. Then they continues to revise the colour wheel and learn specifically about Analogous colours. To demonstrate their understanding they created a creative colour wheel … Continue reading

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Grade 8 Have Finished Their Painting Unit

Where I am from Abstract art. Where digital and traditional art mix. I have written about this task before but feel like it deserves a recap because the students did such an awesome job following the varied and somewhat challenging … Continue reading

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