Colour Tutorials and Harmonies

The HS Art Foundations class were reviewing colour theory. Many of the students have not studied colour before, other than primary and secondary colours. Therefore, I decided to create a fun and quick way for them to learn. Colour Tutorials The students had to research and demonstrate their understanding of colour mixing by producing a tutorial. Key... Continue Reading →

Grade 9 Foundations 1: Value Drawing

LEARNING ABOUT VALUE We began the quarter be studying different ways artists create value. The students practised value scales and a variety of toning techniques from stippling, shading to lettering. We watched and copied these videos (below) and then looked at artist's works and analyzed them. Now, we were ready to practise on our own... Continue Reading →

HS MarkMaking Canvas & Prints

The HS class have nearly completed their final mark-making fabric portraits and they are looking sensational. The students have had a quarter of exploring different drawing techniques from: gesture, contour, negative space, continuous line, blind, upside down drawing and Zentangles. Theses silhouettes were the second formative task and the fabric is the third. Once the canvas... Continue Reading →

Reviewing Drawing Techniques in HS

A Quick Warm Up During class today, the students reviewed some basic drawing techniques which, when combined, helps us achieve accurate observational drawings.   The Task We began with some quick figure gestures followed with: blind, contour, negative shape, kinesthetic and observational drawing skills. These all help us to REALLY see. The final task today, was... Continue Reading →

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