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Hi my name is Rebecca Jardin.

I am the MS (6,7,8) art teacher at Saigon South International School (SSIS). Previously I was working at Lincoln Community School, Ghana where I taught MYP art to grades 6-10. Over the past 16 years I have taught art in Australia, London UK, UAE, ChinaAfrica and now Vietnam. Every year has been a different yet fabulous experience. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach art from preK to grade 12 students.

One of my most rewarding jobs was teaching students with learning difficulties in the UK. I still miss those students and wonder what they are doing now.

I have always offered free art classes for adults too which has often led into arty cultural trips with the staff.

In my spare time I love to travel, practice yoga, go to the gym and of course paint. I am always working on an exhibition of my own work and will keep adding some of my artwork above so you can see that your art teacher practices what she preaches!

Thanks so much for visiting this site.


Every child is an artist it is a GIFT. I am very fortunate to have the joy of encouraging students to acknowledge and enhance this gift.  I am providing unique skills that can be explored and developed for life. In my classes the students are developing skills that bring a whole new understanding and enlightenment to their thoughts, emotions and place in the world. This is why I am an ART teacher!

I believe in student centered learning and see myself as more of a guide. There is nothing more exciting than seeing students explore and develop their own ideas.  I often demonstrate tasks and use artists of past and present to inspire the students before they start their personal inquiries.  Having them bring their experiences into the classroom creates trust, respect and an excellent opportunity to learn about others.  This also establishes a very creative, supportive and dynamic learning environment.

Targeting student’s interests and prior knowledge helps to eliminate behavior problems in the art room.  However, students are aware of my expectations of their behavior as this is made clear at the beginning of the year and is consistent throughout. Positive reinforcement such as promoting work on the Art Blog, hanging work around the school and using online galleries are highly successful ways to capture the students’ interest and enthusiasm. I enjoy offering students the opportunity to compete in art competitions and display their work on slide shows in the front office and at assemblies for the families to see. If students know that their work is going to a wider audience they take greater care and often push their skills to the next level.

It is important that the students are able to learn from their mistakes, as this is where some of the greatest ideas come from! Students are very aware that in my classes the “process” is just as important as the product. Evidence of investigating, planning, creating and evaluating is in their developmental workbooks and online through the use of a variety of technological tools.

I believe my greatest strength is my desire to constantly evaluate myself as a teacher and as a person. I am proud of what I have achieved but believe I am capable of even more. I often attend art classes, workshops and professional development when possible and regularly produce my own artwork, which is important for the art students to see. I also encourage my students to reflect and evaluate their own work and work of others. Evaluation and presentation is the final step in their artistic learning process and is just as important as the creating, therefore they regularly display their work with their evaluations throughout the school.

Overall I am creating opportunities for the students to function as artists rather than simply a learner of the arts. I do this by encouraging students to think critically and provide many opportunities for research, discussion, problem solving, experimentation and application. Students are developing socially, intellectually and emotionally in my classes. Art is a very powerful tool for communication and it is an absolute joy to share this information with enthusiastic developing artists!


2015 Vietnam Tech Conference, SSIS- Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

App Mashing 1hr workshop

2015 Teachers Training Teachers, SSIS- Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Creative Uses of iPads

2016 Vietnam Tech Conference, UNIS- Hanoi,Vietnam

Creative Uses of iPads

2016 EARCOS, Manila

Creative Uses of iPads

2016 Learning2 (Leader) SSIS– Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

45min iPad workshop

3hr iPad Workshop

Ted Talk

Quotes From Senior Administration

“What a wonderful Art Party!  To see the community engaged in that way was truly fantastic. I know that it takes a tremendous amount of work to make an event of this nature come off without a hitch.  All of your work in pre-planning, organization, training students, etc. is so very appreciated. Congratulations on your very successful event!”

Molly Burger, MS Principal, Saigon South International School- 2015

Rebecca, Many thanks for all you have given over three years. You have inspired many with your absolute commitment to art.  You have modeled for others how to continue to pursue a passion while working hard at your job.  You have set up special moments for your colleagues with your connections and periodic trips.  Your work with students has been exceptional. They are doing wonderful art.  You are a top notch art teacher who holds kids to a high standard and you look to push the envelope with activities, making connections,  using technology, and doing interesting art.  I am so impressed with your work as a professional and, of course, I have always admired your art work!

Be well, enjoy Vietnam… will be a great step.

Geoffrey Smith, Secondary School Principal, LCS Ghana- 2014

I hired Rebecca Jardin three years ago with the intention she would move our MYP Art program to new heights and would align with the vision statement of our school that emphasizes the importance of the Arts in our program. Without exaggeration Rebecca has surpassed my highest expectations. Her creativity, expertise, relationships with students and colleagues are exemplary in every facet.

When I reflect on the many Art teachers I have supervised and known over the years, Rebecca Jardin is among the very, very best.

Dr Dennis Larkin, Head of School, LCS, Ghana- 2013

Mrs Jardin is an outstanding art teacher who has fully adapted to the Middle Years Program. She has developed well-structured and coherent units of study. Students in her classes produce meaningful products. They take great pride in their work, clearly experience a creative process, and develop strong artistic skills. When one walks through Mrs Jardin’s class, students are always on task and connected to their work. It is an absolute pleasure to be in the midst of her class. It truly is a magical atmosphere that she creates.

Geoffrey Smith, Secondary Principal, LCS, Ghana -2013

Rebecca, I just want you to know that yesterday’s MYP art party was a highlight of the year for me. The workshops that the kids did with ES children were absolutely spectacular. I really, really appreciate what you gave and what you organized and the atmosphere you cultivated.  It was a special afternoon for the LCS community and you must be saluted.

Geoffrey Smith, Secondary Principal, LCS, Ghana -2012

Your program is top notch! You have a gift that not all educators have. You relate to students-parents and staff in an always positive fashion. Your rapport with the students is excellent-they love art and it shows in their work and the comments they make about your class. You have taken the program and moved it onward and upward. Your extra work with the school is to be commended.

Ken Roy, Head of Middle School, LCS, Ghana- 2012

Rebecca, You do alot, far beyond the normal call of duty and for that you will always be a teacher I will hold up as an example of excellence.”

Robert van der Eyken, Head of School, HIS, China- 2011

I have often visited her class both informally and in formal observations. In my 20 years as an administrator both in the US and overseas, Mrs Jardin(Tilley) is one of the very best art teachers with whom I have worked. A key factor in her great success is her ability to clearly teach art concepts and skills while also motivating students to do their best.

Kurt Kahlenbeck, Head of school, HIS, China-2010

Rebecca, the campus is looking great with all of the students’ work visible. Your artistic focus, student engagement, and your willingness to display work anywhere, anytime is great for the school and for the students. Nice job

Dr Brian Horvath, Head of School, HIS, China-2008

Rebecca is a well-traveled person with a passion for people and culture. I think this adds a special ‘international’ dimension to her classroom practice and has given her a wonderfully balanced perspective on life and the world around us.”

Andrew Read, Vice principal,ENS, The UAE-2007

“Art Teacher of The Week”, Dec 2017

The Visual Art Academy featured me as “The artist of the week”, which was very flattering!

Thank you Brenda Mullard for taking the time to feature art educators on your wonderful blog.

Star Teacher

Article from the Shanghai Daily News.

Screen shot newspaper

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of my art since being in Vietnam.

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  1. There is no way at all I could tell you which is my favorite painting! They are all too good! I can’t pick one at all!!!

  2. Very touched by your statement. What should I have been lucky if I had such an art teacher in my childhood. I can see from your students’ works that they really enjoy in creating with you.

  3. Awesome! You are setting the bar high! I’m just surfing the web looking for ideas for my elementary classes and I came across your site. Fantastic dedication and philosophy! Good luck in Africa.

      1. You are too much. I have taken lots of inspiration from you. I appreciate your site. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with us.

  4. I found your artwork very interesting, I like how you work on different styles and have very versatile work.

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