Keynote, DoInk, iMotion Pro, Procreate & iMovie, G6 Q3 This is the third group to do this task, and it just keeps getting better and better. STEP 1: SPONGE PAINTING FROM A PHOTO RESOURCE STEP 2: PUT THE GALAXY INTO MEGAPHOTO FOR A MOVING BACKGROUND STEP 3: TURN A SELFIE INTO A DIGITAL PORTRAIT ON PROCREATE STEP 4: CREATE AN ANIMATION FOR THE... Continue Reading →

Grade 7 Birdcage Sculptures, Part 1

Prior Learning: "BUILDING SKILLS AND CONCEPTS"  - were written in a previous post HERE. Now, the students are hard at work building their birdcage sculptures. Some students have been very fast while others are focusing on the smaller details. The students were reminded of the main techniques introduced earlier, and encouraged to use tutorials when needed.... Continue Reading →

Keynote Animation for Concept Development, G7

An Introduction to Surrealism We began our unit by viewing this video, afterwards we discussed what we learnt and what we thought Surrealism was. The students then played a Surrealist game. They listed 1-10 in their books and next to each number wrote 10 random things. As I called out the numbers they had... Continue Reading →

3 Challenges, An Introduction to Sculpture- G7

During quarter 3, the grade 7 students will be creating Surrealist birdcage sculptures. This year, I thought I'd try something different to prepare my students (not only for the birdcage sculpture but for grade 8 sculpture.) I introduced three two-lesson art challenges, with a variety of groupings. The goal of this task was not only... Continue Reading →

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