HS MarkMaking Canvas & Prints


The HS class have nearly completed their final mark-making fabric portraits and they are looking sensational. The students have had a quarter of exploring different drawing techniques from: gesture, contour, negative space, continuous line, blind, upside down drawing and Zentangles. Theses silhouettes were the second formative task and the fabric is the third.

Once the canvas was complete the students were ready to begin their first major task.

Step 1: They drew three portraits applying the techniques they liked the most from the quarter.

Step 2: Then they merged them together with a posterized photo in Pixlr.com/editor ,and printed them out.

Step 3: The next step was to print onto fabric and apply marks which communicate a message about themselves. This task is very free and does not have too many restrictions so the students can really PLAY.

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WELCOME To Grade 6

My new grade 6 class has just joined me, and I couldn’t be happier. They seem very keen to be in the art room and from what I have seen so far they are very creative. It’s going to be a fantastic quarter!

For their first task we used WordFoto, MovieFX and Superimpose to create these gorgeous digital art works. All of these are “work in progress“, but I was so excited to share them anyway.

The students used MovieFX to take their photos with awesome, creative filters. The photo had to be taken from an unusual angle. Wordfoto was used to enter their characteristics, interests and favourite things. This is a great task to get to know the students. Both images were merged in Superimpose.

The next step will be creating a graffiti name in their sketchbooks, which will be photographed and merged with the digital art. I will write another post when this is complete.

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Art Club and Art For The Soul

The first task for Art club this year was playing with watercolour and photography techniques, inspired by this website: Colossal

The next task will be a painting inspired by Britto.




It’s not just the students who have had a great start to art but we have 20 teachers signed up for free art classes. Their first task is a layering project. I helped them with the background but now they need to PLAY and figure our what they want to do with it.

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Most of these are work in progress. Don’t they look brilliant! I could not be happier with both art clubs. You are all STARS!

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HS Mark Making Portraits

After exploring creative mark making techniques and a variety of drawing exercises the students are now working on a small canvas. They had to grid their posterized faces, these were then traced onto the canvas. The fun part was applying marks to the canvas with paint and dry media.

The last step was to fill in the black section from the posterized photo to create contrast. The results are looking fantastic and will be completed next class.


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Grade 8 Endangered Animals are Complete


I blogged about this task earlier, in that post you can read about the steps my students took to reach this point. This post is to celebrate their success and fill you in on what they are doing now, as life is getting pretty exciting in Studio 300.

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You can also view their work on Artsonia. The students have written about their work there too.


Once they were complete the students had a chance to play with all our manipulation apps, they were then asked to merge them in a creative way using Superimpose on the iPads. These images will be printed onto a banner to advertise their endangered animals.


By Austin




We have been excitedly waiting for our New York buddies to get back to school so that we can meet them. Right now, in Vietnam and NY we are creating digital collages, which are being loaded onto Thinglink this site allows us to add extra photos and a video to introduce ourselves.



Once that was created we uploaded the image to Padlet and Edmodo.


Here are a couple of samples from our Padlet, hover over the images and play their videos:

Now, it’s time to wait for our NY buddies to upload theirs! We can’t wait. Next class we will be introducing the actual task and creating letters for the artist who has agreed to connect with us.



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G7 Out Of The Frame



The grade 7 students had their last class for their “Out of the Frame” mixed media tonal drawing. We began with a practise 4 box piece. The purpose of this first task was to improve our drawing skills by drawing our animal from a variety of angles. We then learnt toning techniques and how to apply line variation whilst using different media. Once the four boxes were complete we were then ready to start our final.


As more students submit their work I’ll add them to this post so stay tuned! The students were being assessed on: their drawing skills, the ability to tone with coloured pencil, application of thick and thin lines, contrast and the size of their animal.

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Once their work was complete they were then required to summarize 6-7 important things they learnt from completing this unit. We used Visual Poetry to do this. Here are some samples:



Now, the students are choosing their own reflection tool and are creating an entertaining piece inspired from their planning template. I will share the final results in another post.

Well done grade 7 these are fabulous!


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G6 Colour Sculptures and Zen Eyes

The grade 6 students have achieved SO much over the last couple of weeks. They have successfully completed their Zen eyes, turned them into digital art and created a clay plaque inspired by their work.



Now, grade 6 have been cutting cardboard, applying hot glue and covering their pieces with foil. They are all coming together to create a gorgeous relief sculpture. Today, the students are completing their sculptures and adding analogous colours.

Inspired from this video:

Some students finished last class, that is how much they were enjoying the task!


By Oliver 


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