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Exciting news! This year one of the Foundation:1 Art classes (mixed grade 9,10,11, 12s) has joined Studio A300. It is my first time teaching this particular course but I am super excited about teaching it. Overall, it is a solid foundation for any student continuing with DP and AP art. In fact the format, assessment and portfolio requirement is a very similar structure.

So what have we been doing so far?

Mark Making

Since this is a mixed group that don’t know each other I decided to begin with a group task. In groups they were required to layer as many marks as they could. Each time they swapped groups they had to introduce themselves and chat about favourite things.

GOAL: To loosen up, remember that all art begins with a mark, some artists have found their fame by exploring marks.

After attempting gesture drawing the students taped some sticks together and drew each other. They found using the charcoal this way to be quite challenging but really fun.

GOAL: To explore gesture drawing and unconventional tools. This is an extension to mark making. Becoming comfortable with the marks we can make.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing is a technique that captures the essence of an object. It is like a skeleton but more dynamic, quick, and loose. It is a really important starting point for artists because it lays down the feeling of the object or the person before the drawing is developed. This skill can be used for conceptual development or a a base for a final piece.

You can see more information here: Video and this is another sample.

Unconventional Mark Making

Today’s class was looking into unconventional mark making with a variety of tools. If you look closely at these pictures you can see markers taped to faces, hands and twisted into hair. This was so much fun to watch. Some students were hesitant to explore and took some time grasping the concept, while others were instantly drawing with their knees and elbows! The next step is going to pull all this together in their fist art piece.


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Welcome Back to 2016-17 in Studio A300

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Welcome back to Studio A300! We have just had our first full week of school following the new timetable. It certainly has been a busy few days in the art room. The first task was to create a sketchbook cover. In grade 7 and 8 they had complete free choice, they could make a collage, paint, or draw any theme they desired.

In grade 6, they could also create a free choice cover, or design a graffiti name. Some students combined both ideas, free draw with their name. The results were fantastic. What a great start to the year!

After the sketchbook cover, the grade 6 students began their first assessed task which, is a Zentangle eye. They are not only creating an eye, but are: using movement, balance, pattern, emphasis and are learning how to push their ideas and create concepts. Here are some of their gorgeous drawings so far:

In grade 7, they have been exploring drawing techniques for their first major piece which will be something that “crawls, swims or flies out of the frame“. This task will improve students: observational, sketching, and toning skills, whilst they apply and analyze the elements and principles of art. A brief introduction to the “history of animals in art” will also be studied (from cave man to Franz Marc).

In grade 8, they are studying endangered animals whilst learning drawing skills from blind, negative space, gesture, contour and geometric drawing. The students found out how many of their chosen animal are left in the world and discussed why they are endangered. We looked into some ways we could help and make a difference. If time permits we will revisit this.

Step 1: Research Charcoal Techniques and Copy them.

Step 2: Research the Animal and Practise a Variety of Drawing Skills.

The next step will to be practise splashing watercolours and then drawing the animal onto the background. The final animal will be in charcoal on the watercolour.

I am so glad to have you all back in the art room, and can’t wait to see the positive changes in your work as you develop into proficient artists!

WELCOME TO 2016-17!

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Printmaking Window Art G7


CONGRATULATIONS grade 7 you have finished the final task for this year, and they look amazing.

We began with a normal printmaking task inspired by owls. The reason I chose this theme was because we don’t have to worry about drawing skills when it comes to owls, most students can recognize the basic shapes, which means we can ALL succeed with this task!

The students had to design their owl by simplifying it into thick and thin lines and contrasting shapes. The black is where the ink will go and the white is where we carve.

Then the students redrew their design onto lino and began carving it out.

Now, it was time to print and play! They had a checklist to work through which included printing on tissue paper, tracing paper and newspaper. They also had to try colour blends and special effects with sponges, brushes etc.

After the printing madness it was time to take our prints a little further so we manipulated them in FlipOMatic and overlapped the original in Superimpose app. These images were meant to be included in the next task but many students forgot to use them.

The final stage was something new for me inspired by a workshop I attended in EARCOS, Manila this year by Barbara Sunday. We covered boards with garbage bags, then applied 2 thick coats of Mod Podge. Once it was dry we layered transparent papers with clear gel. The students were meant to layer 3 layers and then stick on one of their transparent owls. The last layer they added leaves, feathers, shiny details. We also looked up symbolic meanings of owls and added descriptive words into the art. The last step once dry was to peel it off. Voila! How stunning.

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Here are some on the window. They look beautiful on the window and on the wall. In fact they look completely different. Well done grade 7 thanks for making this a HUGE success!

You can see all their art on Artsonia.

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Human Rights in G8

The grade 8 students have just completed their Human Rights printmaking unit, and I could not be happier with the results! Especially, considering the short time they had to do it. This unit was part of a Social Studies, Language arts and Science collaboration.

The students had already been introduced to the topic in Social Studies, so during art we focused on Propaganda art and looked at how images can make an impact in society. Following the design process the students generated ideas, simplified them, researched and then created their own lino print or stencil. The final results were displayed in an expo yesterday.

When looking at Propaganda art we watched this video:

After a discussion we followed it with a sample of “positive Propaganda” by Shepard Fairey

3376087325_4337a72a2c_bflickr photo by BruceTurner https://flickr.com/photos/whiskeytango/3376087325 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Then looked at Propaganda in Vietnam:


The TASK: To create a product/print using lino or stenciling techniques which persuades the SSIS community to believe in something or to do something connected to a human rights issue studied in Social Studies.

The students began by brainstorming ideas followed with concept sketches. Their ideas were pushed further and then stylized so that they were suitable for either a lino print or stencil. The design was drawn onto the printing template and carving or cutting began.

Now, it was time for the fun part! The printing. To encourage the students to try different colours, surfaces and textures I included an extra grade out of 100 purely for experimentation.

After printing approximately 10 prints, it was time to choose the top 2-4 prints for the expo. We discussed the importance of framing and I believe did a very professional job. I loved how the students were open to exploring space and texture. Well done grade 8!





White Space

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The display with Poetry

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One of My Fav Art Challenges


I did this for the first time last quarter and it was a HUGE success. Since we only have a couple of classes to go for the school year I decided to try it again. I had the students form their own groups of three. They all had one canvas provided with 3 ovals pre-drawn on them. I did this to take away the fear of a new canvas and to help them draw large.

The students had 5mins to discuss and make a plan, they were not allowed to touch the art at that point. Two of the trickiest things with this challenge, for grade 6 in particular, were:

1. They have to finish it in 65mins

2. They can’t use black until the very end. They were only allowed to use the colours provided. Expressionist colours were strongly encouraged.

When we had 10mins left I asked the class if they still wanted to do the challenge or if they’d like an extra class, because some were a little behind, but they all chose the challenge. This surprised me but also showed how much fun they were having.


Adding a deadline takes away the pressure of begin “bad”. It also means everyone has to participate for it to get completed in time. This really got me thinking I should do more of these throughout my teaching for all grade levels maybe even staff. It allows the students to work together (in groups they chose), have fun, and meet an achievable non-threatening challenge.

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What really amazed me both times is how gorgeous the canvases are. They have such a loose, colourful style. I just love them.


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G6 Collaboration With China

From Vietnam

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My students have done it! They successfully completed their sculptures and shared their work with the students in China. For more details about the collaboration you can read this post: http://tinyurl.com/gnk2v43


We swapped oil pastel “negative space” drawings with Yew Chung International School (YCIS). The drawings we received needed to be turned into beautiful sculptures and shared back with YCIS. My students practised on paper first, which was followed by, drawing and cutting out of white card. They were assembled with hot glue, and spray painted. All students certainly loved using the spray paint! Some students were very clever by using subtle tone or splatter techniques.

Other than focusing on the negative space, my students had to make sure the sculpture was interesting from all angles and cast beautiful shadows!


Once they finished, they then photographed their work, and wrote a letter to the student who created the art, using the LifeCard app.

Jessie Card

Megan 2



From China

Meanwhile, in China the students are showing us whose art they chose to turn into a sculpture. I love these photos, as we get more I’ll add them to this post.

We can’t wait to see their finished sculptures.

Stay tuned!


Here is the start of one sculpture in response to Jessica’s art.


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A Second Art Opening This Week

On Friday, after packing up the art show, I collected all the grade 7 umbrellas and delivered them to the Crescent Mall. This afternoon at 4pm, we had a lovely opening  which was planned and organized by the LST students. They talked about the unit and explained how we collaborated, and then a video was played showing technique 1. Lastly, the event ended with a 7 minute slideshow of the students at work.


The umbrellas look fantastic hanging in the mall. If you are in D7, make sure you visit the atrium and take time to appreciate the work behind each umbrella. They will be there for three weeks. Thanks so much to the parents and students who attended this event.


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