Terrance Osborne Inspired Art, Grade 7

One Point Perspective The students began this unit by learning how to draw one point perspective, which they then animated with DoInk animation and GreenScreen. You can read more about this part of the unit HERE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8SgsGaHoBc Two Point Perspective Now the students were ready to learn about two point perspective. They drew boxes, houses... Continue Reading →

Grade 6 – Exploring Animation, Stop Motion and Digital Art.

I was so incredibly happy with this small unit because it gave the students a chance to play with traditional painting, digital painting, animation, stop motion and GreenScreen skills. In the end, there was even total student choice, which kept everyone happy. GALAXY PAINTING The students began by looking at galaxy photos and exploring sponge,... Continue Reading →

Landscape Painting & Environmental Issues Posters, G8

An Extension of a Landscape unit. I wrote previously about the steps leading up to the final paintings, which you can read about HERE. However, this is a sample of student documentation using Google Slides: LENA GIULIANO A Brief Summary Learning about Distance and the Planes of a Landscape The students learnt about foreground, background... Continue Reading →

Procreate Landscape Development, Grade 8

The grade 8 students have been studying the art of landscapes. We have been looking at spectacular landscapes world-wide. Obviously, this unit was inspired by my summer travels in Scotland and Iceland. https://youtu.be/KpRHRh9PaRU https://youtu.be/7vzNN2HTLyY?t=3s We brainstormed what we would find in a landscape, and used these videos to add to our brainstorming. I really wanted... Continue Reading →

G7 One Point Perspective Animation

https://youtu.be/ROlHybuf7cs The grade 7 students have just completed the first part of their perspective unit, yet it is only week 3!  They began learning how to draw boxes, letters, and houses in one point perspective. Then they watched this video, which inspired their first task: https://youtu.be/xplwjW2ynH4 Since this was just meant to be a quick... Continue Reading →

Movement- Visual vs Physical, G6

The grade 6 students began their first quarter of art looking at MOVEMENT in art. They used pattern, repetition, tone and colour to create their own optical artworks, that lead the viewer's eyes through the page. After discussing the difference between visual and physical movement they then chose an action (movement), which represented themselves. This... Continue Reading →

My LAST Class With Grade 6

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txdIiH5RTqA We ended our quarter of art with a super FUN task- a one lesson group challenge. The students were provided with a canvas with a chalk outline of a tree trunk with a pencil scribble on top (instead of leaves). After forming groups they then had 5mins to discuss a plan without touching the canvas. After... Continue Reading →

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