Vietnam Inspired Hats & AR, G7

The grade 7 students have successfully completed their painting unit. They began the process by brainstorming on the traditions, values and beliefs of Vietnam. They considered for example: celebrations, foods, destinations, clothing, housing, transport, and landscapes. They considered and researched how Vietnam is perceived from a travel agent, artist and local. All documentation was collated... Continue Reading →

Animating with DoInk, G6 The grade 6 students studied the art of Ted Harrison. They discussed their observations, jotted down questions and by the end, were very confident describing his fabulous style. I really enjoy using this artwork for inspiration because of the simplification of shapes, layering of values, and the opportunity to teach about landscape art. The... Continue Reading →

G7 Animated Tonal Light Bulbs are Complete WE HAVE FINALLY COMPLETED THIS VERY SUCCESSFUL DRAWING & ANIMATION UNIT The students began by looking at value (tone) in art history. They then watched a video and copied the 6 most commonly used techniques: hatching, cross-hatching, blending, rendering, squiggling and cross-contour. The next step was to learn how to recognise and count the... Continue Reading →

Superimpose & Stop Motion, G8

This is a continuation of a PREVIOUS post. A quick summary The students: Made origami Photographed them from interesting viewpoints, incorporating reflections and shadows Learnt about tonal drawing and how to recognise the values Applied their knowledge to observational drawing Explored 4B, chalk pastels and charcoal The Final Task The last step was to consider... Continue Reading →

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