Vietnamese Landscapes in the Style of Hundertwasser

I wrote earlier about this project but wanted to show the final paintings and sculptures now that the unit was complete. These paintings are the students’ interpretations of the Vietnamese landscape but in the style of Hundertwasser. The students studied his use of symbols to communicate important environmental messages. They were particularly inspired by his use of spirals, lollypop trees and bright colours. Once they completed their paintings they then created a video reflection which they knew would be sent to the Hunderwasser museum in Austria.

Group Sculpture in the Style of Hundertwasser

The students had to choose a location and then a technique for creating their model. The location choices were:

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 2.02.03 PM.png

They began by researching Hundertwasser architecture and choosing their top 5 buildings.

Once that was complete it was time to explore all the sculptural choices.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 1.42.38 PM.png

We did this by creating stations the students had small art challenges and had to experiment with model making, plaster, nets, iPads apps, and clay.

Now, they were ready to begin the task. Since it was a group task it was the students’ responsibility to document their progress, participation and reflect on the group challenges. Some students did this through slides, docs, photos or time lapse. The visual documentations made the final reflections VERY interesting. Here are the final results.

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The last step was to write an artist’s statement and display it with the final model.


I am sure Hunderwasser would be very proud of these awesome students but since he unfortunately isn’t around to ask, it is now time to see what the Hundertwasser museum thinks! If they reply back I’ll share it here. 🙂 Fingers crossed.

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I wrote earlier about this class  but just realized because of the art party preparations I never posted the final paintings. So here you go…

“Foundations Art: 1 Culture Colour Paintings.”

The students created colour mixing tutorials, learnt about RGB and CMY colour mixing, and then had to apply their own colour harmony to a culture of their choice. It could be a culture they are from, or a culture they are fascinated with. Once the paintings were complete they then analyzed them in a video. Here is a snapshot of their ideas and opinions and tutorials.  Enjoy!

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GREAT news:

‘Endangermalia—Before It’s Too Late’, our book which was researched, written and illustrated by grade 8 art students at SSIS, in collaboration with Commack Middle School, NY raised a whopping $600.00! These profits were gained from donations during our art party last week and from book sales.


Plus the profits from our online store which brings the grand total to $850.03 USD.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 11.15.23 AM.png


The students worked very hard creating, promoting and selling this book. They researched and chose the charity they wanted to support based on findings from the CHARITY NAVIGATOR. This project was entirely student run.

They even designed art cards for our art party and 50% of the sales went towards WWF. The other 50% has been given to HEARTBEAT VIETNAM.


For previous blog posts about the behind the scenes of Endangermalia please click here:

A Collaboration for Charity and Please Purchase Our Book

Where Does The Money Go?

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 11.29.47 AM.png

It Is Not Too Late To Purchase The Book!

Since this is an online shop it is not too late to purchase the book. Checks are sent monthly to WWF, if books have been purchased, so you can be guaranteed your money is going to WWF. You can order online and it ships worldwide.

It couldn’t be easier, for less than a massage $25 (plus shipping)!

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 11.58.25 AM.png


A Huge Thanks Goes To:

Graeme Base for his enthusiasm, support and quick replies to the student letters.

Grace Barrett for her passion, support and willingness to see this project through, despite some differences in technology, class times and holidays, not to mention the difficult time difference. You were incredible to work with.

Lulu.com for their support of this project, quick replies, helping Vietnam receive their books as quickly as possible and for the professional quality of the books. 

Kevin Honeycutt for the inspiration behind the book and the recommendation to use Lulu.

WWF for their incredibly inspiring work which gave students an authentic reason to create art.

Everyone who purchased a book, cards or donated, the success is not possible without you.

Last but not least, the hard working students of CMS and SSIS, you were incredible with your passion, motivation, enthusiasm and determination, not to mention your fabulous communication, problem solving and artistic skills! Thank YOU.


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G8 Chair Sculptures are DONE!

The process of these sculptures can be seen in previous posts. This is a celebration and showcase of the students hard work as this unit draws to an end. It has been a 12-14 week journey and still remains to be one of the best units I have taught!

When their chairs are complete the students have a checklist to work through.


  1. They need to annotate the elements and principles on their chair using Skitch
  2. Then they need to create a movie/ Gif/ Slideshow capturing the entire visual process of the making of the chair.
  3. We have been reflecting daily with 30Hands so now all those videos need to be compressed into one movie.
  4. Lastly, they need to reflect on the process using a tool of their choice for example: Green screen, Prezi, Pages, Explain Everything, ibook author, 30 Hands or iMovie. They also have the option create a 5-6 paragraph blog post.


We have also created clipboards for the general public to guess the student’s theme. This has been fun and brought up some great discussions abut how we all view work differently depending on our backgrounds and experiences.

These chairs will be on display at our ART PARTY next week. Come along and congratulate our students!

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 9.34.02 AM.png


Commercial link

In the next post I’ll add photos of everyone’s chairs and link their reflections.

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Q4 Grade 6

I love this introductory project because it is a very quick, easy and effective way to get to know my new class of art students. By completing this task they had to apply: creative photography, drawing, colouring, photo manipulation, brainstorming and presentation skills.


To complete these portraits they experimented with the following apps: MovieFx, OrangeCam, Grungetastic, and Wordfoto. These were then merged with Supeimpose and edited in Snapseed. We printed them A5 size, to cover our sketchbooks, and A3 size for display. They all look stunning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just like the previous three classes the next task was to create a Zentangle eye which was then used as a backdrop for their creative photography. The students learnt how to tone, create movement, and apply challenging Zentangle designs to an artwork. It had to be neatly presented. The photograph  needed to have them interacting with the eye in a creative way. I love how the digital element allows the students to reinterpret their art.

The last step was to reflect about the process on LifeCards. This was their first time reflecting for me. Grade 6, it has been an awesome start to the quarter. You can see all their work on display in OUR ART PARTY next Wednesday, 3:15-5:30 pm.



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Zentangle Eyes to Clay Bowls


The grade 6 students have been very busy in the art room. Not a minute is wasted! They have now completed their gorgeous Zentangle eyes. The students had to demonstrate an ability to:

  • tone
  • create movement
  • add repeated patterns
  • present work neatly

Their results are fabulous.

Digital Art and LifeCards Reflection

Once that was complete they superimposed themselves interacting with their eye design. Then, they used Lifecards to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, it was time to turn their eye into a ceramic bowl. The students used a slab technique. They had to demonstrate how to make coils, slabs and how to join correctly. Textured rollers were encouraged for patterning. The bowls are certainly beautiful.

Once they are dry it will be time to glaze them. To prepare for this we began to study and review the colour wheel. To make this a fun experience I had them create a two lesson “creative colour wheel” painting. Once again, their art is lovely.

The last step is to create an “analogous relief foil sculpture“. The students are currently cutting the cardboard, adding hot glue texture and wrapping the pieces with foil. An analogous colour scheme will be applied to their pieces and then they will be assembled.



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Colour Tutorials and Harmonies


The HS Art Foundations class were reviewing colour theory. Many of the students have not studied colour before, other than primary and secondary colours. Therefore, I decided to create a fun and quick way for them to learn.

Colour Tutorials

The students had to research and demonstrate their understanding of colour mixing by producing a tutorial. Key words were written on the board, but the catch was, they had only ONE lesson to complete the task. The hands-on requirement, group work, and time limit turned a sometimes dull colour theory lesson, into an engaging and memorable experience.

I was astounded how engaged the students actually were, for the entire class!

Check out this ANIMOTO video of the students in action.

Once a good understanding of colour theory was gained, the students then applied four different colour schemes (such as: split-complimentary, triad, and analogous) to these Vietnam culture paintings.

This tutorial (below) was completed by a group of students who knew nothing about colour theory until they arrived today. I was so impressed by their results.

One of them said, “That was so fun, I never thought I could learn so much in one class.” That is all I could ask for!

The next step is to research, annotate and write a comparative study between two historical artists. Then it will be time to start their final summative piece for this quarter.

Exciting times in Studio A300!

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