Realism To Abstraction With iPads G7

CONGRATULATIONS this has been a very long but extremely successful unit. As mentioned in a previous post the students created realistic animal eyes in chalk. After giving peer feedback using Lifecards and reflecting on Tellagami, they abstracted their eye using the following iPad apps: FlipOMatic, GlobePhoto and Megaphoto. 15 images were collated and the top 4 were... Continue Reading →

Traditional Versus Digital Printing With iPads In Grade 8

My grade 8 students have been experimenting with printmaking techniques, collage and incorporating the iPads. Some students had never printed before so they had the theme of "nature" and explored a variety of techniques from printing with zip lock bags, hot glue and polystyrene trays. The trays allowed us to look at how to achieve a clean print,... Continue Reading →

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