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I always have exhibits up around the school which change regularly throughout the year. I don’t usually photograph them though. This page is dedicated to those special exhibits which happen once a year, for example, our annual Art Party.

G8 Printmaking Exhibit, June 2016

This exhibition was a part of the Social Studies, English and Science, Human Rights collaboration expo. It was on display for a week.

Crescent Mall Exhibit G7, May 2016

After the 2016 MS/HS art party we took down the grade 7 umbrellas and delivered them to the Crescent Mall. They were on display for three weeks. They looked fabulous!

MS/HS Art Party, May 2016

MS/HS Art Party 2016, SSIS from Rebecca Jardin on Vimeo.

Sculpture Chair Expo G8, April 2016

One Friday afternoon, my students celebrated the completion of their sculptures by having an informal expo. Parents, teachers and classes were invited to come and view the chairs and to ask questions. It was a VERY good turn out, not too crowded and not too quiet!

20th May 2015 ART Party, SSIS


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On the 20th of May we had our FIRST Art Party and Exhibit at SSIS. All of my grade 6,7 and 8 students ran workshops for the entire SSIS community. For a first event it was very well supported. Everything was on display from all year from the Mandala umbrellas to the book sculptures. We invited Vidya back to create flour mandalas in the center of the Auditorium. Once again they were absolutely gorgeous!

The students ran workshops in the auditorium and outside. We had folder making, CD mandalas, monster drawing, box painting, circle painting, chandelier making, stop motions and digital art just to mention a few.

VIDEO: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8qQ-_VjNRqmdWVodXkzTjVJb2M/view?usp=sharing

So what was the feedback from students and staff?

What a wonderful Art Party!  To see the community engaged in that way was truly fantastic. I know that it takes a tremendous amount of work to make an event of this nature come off without a hitch.  All of your work in pre-planning, organization, training students, etc. is so very appreciated.

Congratulations on your very successful event!

Molly, MS Principal

I think that the exhibition space itself was really well designed to show the art off in the best way (e.g. hanging the umbrellas, putting the related projects together). I also think that the workshops were a complete success and produced really interesting art as well as gave people a fun and interactive way to be a part of the exhibition.

Celine, Grade 8

The Art exhibit is a great environment. The music is great and the mood feels like a museum. I expected 15 minutes but had to drag my third graders out after 30 minutes, they were so engaged! Not to be missed.
Congrats to Rebecca for a successful Art show!
Jeremy, 3rd Grade Teacher

I enjoyed teaching little kids oil pastel blending and introducing them to art in middle school. I enjoyed teaching different ages of people in oil pastel. Middle schoolers, little kids, late elementary, and teachers.

Doris, Grade 7

I really enjoyed talking with some of the parents and kids about the programs we were using because explaining this to people who have no idea what they are doing is a lot of fun and is just a great feeling. I also enjoyed all the kids having fun at different stations especially mine because it shows that we did a good job on explaining what to do and they were telling their other friends who were coming around what to do and that really just goes to show that they really enjoyed themselves and that means a lot to me.

Gabe Grade 7

I loved the exhibition because the lighting, the environment of the exhibition gives the feeling of the cosiness and the feeling of being welcome with free food and just people doing art so that you can just observe anywhere. You can just be free wonder around enjoy anything and everything. 

Jan, Grade 6

It was truly lovely to meet you today and to witness the work that went into the setting-up of this detailed art exhibition as a result off your inspiring artistic encouragement and manifestation throughout the school year, was MAJESTIC!!!.  Corny as I may sound, I mean every word that I’m writing AND I actually welled-up before a few chosen few pieces that truly moved me.  Thank you thank you. What a treat for us all! 

Julie, Grade 6 Parent

30th May, 2014 ART Party, LCS

The art party was a HUGE success, the best one yet. Mainly because I moved it inside this time which allowed us to be in air conditioning and created an awesome art walk. The art was displayed outside, inside, in the corridor and upstairs in three rooms. The setting created quite an “arty” maze. The kids were so excited because they didn’t know what they were going to find in each room.

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The grade 8,9 and 10 students ran the whole show. The managers, workshop leaders, photographers, food and chair guards were all students. We had three drawing floors, a group canvas painting, paper plate weaving, chalk owls, paper cut dancers, group circle murals, CD mandalas plus so much more. It was busy and noisy but everyone was having a good time and on task. I could not have been happier with my students. We also had amazing food provided by the kindness of our parents.

2014 LCS Poetry Event April 30th

During the MS assembly we presented the poetry paintings that the students have been working so hard on this year. The event was a huge success except for the power cut which unfortunately effected the first 3 performers. Mr Jardin introduced the event by explaining that all grade 6, 7, and 8 students have been studying poetry in their English classes and this presentation was a celebration for poetry month.

2013 Art Party LCS, Ghana (10th Dec)

2012-13 ART Party LCS, Ghana

2012-13 Trimester Exhibitions, Ghana and 2011-12 Exhibit, China

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2011 May HIS Art exhibit in the library

MEMORIES of the 2010-2011 ART exhibition.

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