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Zentangle Eyes to Clay Bowls

The grade 6 students have been very busy in the art room. Not a minute is wasted! They have now completed their gorgeous Zentangle eyes. The students had to demonstrate an ability to: tone create movement add repeated patterns present work … Continue reading

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We have just got back from holidays and now I need to catch up by sharing the amazing work the grade 7 class did during last quarter. Better late than never. 🙂 FUNCTIONAL OBJECTS PHOTO-SHOOT AND SHOWCASE. I wrote previously about this task, … Continue reading

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Quotes, Photos and Painting G8

Grade 8 students are reflecting upon their homes and what is important to them here in Vietnam. I have discussed this unit before but will do a quick recap for those of you who haven’t read the post. 🙂 Step 1: … Continue reading

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Who Am I? Digital Meets Traditional, G6

Grade 6 has just joined the art room, in fact I am still learning names! This is a super fun task which allows the students to play, loosen up, explore media, photography and editing apps on the iPads. The students … Continue reading

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Grade 6 Are Releasing Their Creativity

It is a new year and the studio is already bustling with inspiring creativity. Grade 6 were given the challenge of creating self portraits using photography, collage and typography. They had to keep enough of their face visible so we could see … Continue reading

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I am a Dreamer-Grade 6

This was a brilliant introduction to the art room for my new grade 6 class. I got this idea from Pinterest. The students had to list their favourite colours, shapes, symbols and then we did a 10min doodle whilst listening … Continue reading

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Extreme Close Up by Grade 7

Grade 7 is studying extreme close up photos of animals. They had to capture the tones with 4B pencil first then create a pastel tonal piece. This unit will be completed with a canvas board painting.

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