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Tints and Tones in Grade 6

The grade 6 students have jumped straight into painting. This particular task was a two lesson introduction to MONOCHROME painting skills, and SILHOUETTES. Now, that these beautiful mini-paintings are complete, the students will be learning about aerial perspective seen in landscape photography … Continue reading

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Hundertwasser Inspired ART, G7

After traveling to Austria and seeing Friedensreich Hunderwasser’s art and architecture in real life, I knew I wanted to teach a unit about him. There are so many reasons why we should be studying his work, ideas and inspirations! He … Continue reading

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Abstract Animals

Now Grade 7 are studying Abstract Animals. This is a brilliant task for observational drawing and clarifying the elements and principles of art. Firstly the students had to practise drawing their animals from a photo. These drawings were then traced … Continue reading

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Grade 9/10 review their books

The grade 9/10 class had a big learning curve today as they viewed some excellent sketchbooks which demonstrated the requirements of this course. They learnt how important it is to evaluate and reflect upon all work, how crucial it is … Continue reading

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