iPad Research

iPads in Art (Part 3) 2015-16


In 2015 at SSIS I received an iPad cart which absolutely transformed the way I teach! You can see all the ways I have incorporated iPads and student samples on this PAGE.

Now that I have been using iPads every single day, completed my personal research (even though this is always on-going), and attended 2 iPad courses. I have gone back and listed my current 2016 FAVOURITE apps. This is a list of apps I use often and can highly recommend for any subject area (except for animation as I still need to explore that one.)

iPads in Art (Part 1)       2012-14

The Journey Begins

I am very passionate about incorporating technology into my art room. I have often achieved this through presentation and blogging tools. The students mostly present with imovie, Prezi, or Keynote and blog with Edmodo and Edublogs.

photo-apr-24-1-23-56-pm.jpgI have decided to set myself a challenge and a personal inquiry into the use of ipads in the art room. I want to try, apply and research as many apps as I can and network with other teachers to see how they are imbedding technology. By the end of the two months I aim to be using them in every class and have a selection of tools which are popular with the students along with samples of their work and brilliant resources for teachers.

photo-apr-29-2-54-13-pm-copy.pngI have decided to put this plan into action because there is so much “out there” that it is quite overwhelming. The iPad is just another amazing tool so I want to discover its best and most efficient uses for the art room.

Recently I completed an online 4 week course called “iPads in the Art Room”, 2013, through The Art of Ed:  http://theartofeducation.ning.com/groups I liked how the course was structured so have decided to do a similar thing here by breaking down the apps into categories from  storage, research to creating and sharing.

Storage Apps

Dropbox has been fabulous on the iPads. I have created shared folders for all my classes. Any time they have digital art to share with me they put it into Dropbox. The best thing about Dropbox is that it can be accessed on any computer. You do need to have internet connection though.

Google Drive is also amazing and can be accessed on any computer as long as you have an account. I started using Google drive when I joined LCS. I enjoy using the Google forms and have students work on collaborative projects through Google Docs but it also gives the students somewhere else to save their work. Each time you open the app on the iPad you have to sign back in which is good for privacy.

Evernote is a fabulous back up for the same reasons. You can use it on any device once you have signed up. You can create many notebooks where you can link/insert images, web pages, PDFs and a variety of other media. I am using this as a back up when my students have problems with their blogs and for my own lesson planning. Again, you need to have internet to sync it but can add new note books offline.


Art Rage

G8 Google Earth Art
G8 Google Earth Art with Art Rage

I really enjoy working with Art Rage because of the variety of art media options and use of layers. It can be saved to the camera roll which works well with the manipulation and video apps. One difference I find between sketchbookX and Art Rage is in SketchbookX it is easier to move and resize your layers which I use very regularly. I can see some great benefits to combining the two apps.


You can create art with layers, blur and much more. My favourite part of this app is watching the video replays of it being created. Students can share, like, comment and participate within the social network. I have used this with a grade 6 class and they LOVED it. Especially watching the videos, they were a huge motivation. The drawing tools are very limited but the videos are brilliant.



Procreate is also a great app but one I have only used a few times personally, not with students. It has many features artists love, from pencils, inks and brushes. It also allows artists to work in layers. I really like the fact you can paint on top of a photo.


Grade 7 combining manipulation apps using layers in SketchbookX
Grade 7 combining manipulation apps using layers in SketchbookX

SketchbookX seems to be the favourite among many art teachers. I have currently been exploring this app in class. We have been manipulating our final art pieces in a variety of apps and then combining the manipulated art in SketchbookX. You can also use it for painting and drawing and conceptual development.

Auryn Ink creates the authentic simulation of watercolor painting. It looks like fun and would make a great introduction task before a watercolour unit. I have only played with this a little. It seems very intuitive and really is authentic especially when you add more water and soften the edges.

Brushes is another art teacher favourite which I am looking forward to trying with the students. This is very similar to the other apps but it records your drawings so you can play back how you created it. That’s very cool. I’d like to use that replay as a part of my students’ reflections.

Manipulating student artwork

Image Chef

My grade 6 students love Image Chef because it is quick, fun and very effective. You can photograph their artwork and apply a range of filters and templates which allows them to view their art differently. This is a very simple manipulation app pretty much just a click of a button is needed.

My grade 6 students have just superimposed themselves into a painting using Art Rage and then they uploaded that image into the text template on Image Chef. They had to write why they selected that painting or describe it using art terminology. Image Chef has released another app called Visual Poetry which seems more useful to my classes. I really like students demonstrating their knowledge through text and art.

PhotoFunia is pretty much the same with more templates to choose from. This would also be fun. There are some slightly inappropriate templates though so check it first.


Percolator is a favourite of mine. It bubbles and “brews” the students’ art work. You can change the settings to get a wide variety of effects. It is fabulous when combined with other manipulation apps.

This is a great app to use at the end of a task because it is effective and allows the students to view their own artwork differently.

I have played with the other apps mentioned above but want to try them out with my students. I will add samples of work within a couple of months so stay tuned.


Instacollage is connected to Instagram but it offers templates which you can add your photos to. Then you can change frames, colours and add text. My students used Percolator, Image Chef, ATypo and Instacollage to create these.



PicCollage is similar except it allows you to add up to 12 images at one time which the students enjoy. We have used PicCollage for resource, research and visual boards which the students either print and stick into their books or share on their blogs. These collages can also be manipulated.

Comic Book was used to show and remind the students what the different manipulation apps were capable of.

30289347FilterMania2, Grungetastic and Snapseed are very similar photo editing and filter apps. The filters can be combined with other apps to create fascinating art work. These are fabulous to use at the end of an assignment or as a way to extend a task. I particularly like the Grunge filters.

Grungetastic has a large range of stressed, scratched, aged surfaces and greater colour and contrast options. Some filters are free while others are pay but we tend to screenshot using the iPads either way.


PhotoTropedelic is a “hippie” Pop Art filter. Also very effective especially when talking about colour and line.


AtypoPicture allows you to type in text and upload a photo. The two combine to create some fabulous word art. I used this with my Grade 8 Global Issues art. Unfortunately the app does have some issues where it freezes alot. I have told my students to be patient to close the ipad and try again later in the class. I would love to try WordFoto but it is not in the Ghana shop so this seems to be our only option at the moment.


Tiny Planets

This is a quick fun app which turns your photos into a sphere like a tiny planet. It works very well with other apps like SketchbookX.


Turns your images into amazing symmetrical designs. You insert a photo, move it around in the box and then preview the image to see the effect. Anything in the selection box will be mirrored. You can then choose the amount of tiles to use from 1 to 15. This is fabulous for printmaking, tile/fabric design. It really transforms a students work into something very unique. Here is a great lesson incorporating this app and my new favourite website: http://www.ipadartroom.com/multi-media-workflows/

Screen shot 2014-05-01 at 9.39.23 AMMy students enjoyed using Flip-O-Matic to create backgrounds and boarders when working with SketchbookX.

We also used the Flip-O-Matic app as a conceptual tool for printmaking. The students drew their first designs and then mirrored them to make them more geometrical and unique. The results were fabulous.


Reflecting is a HUGE part of the MYP it is also a great way to assess knowledge and understanding. I have been using the Edublogs app but am finding it easier to use laptops and to access it through Safari. The app now requires a URL to sign in so it isn’t as user friendly. My 9/10 classes get to choose the platform they want to use from Tumblr, Eblogger to Edublogs.

Comic Book
Comic Book

My grade 7 classes have been using the Comic Book app as a quick and easy way to reflect upon a variety of app uses. This could be used for so many other purposes. Edmodo is another fantastic reflecting site which has a great whole class and small group option. I have had students give peer feedback using this site.

Peer Feedback on Edmodo using small groups
Peer Feedback on Edmodo using small groups

Evernote has proven to be a great app for students to draft and collect their photos for their blogs if they are not ready to upload yet. Next year I will have all my students create Evernote accounts. These notebooks can be kept private or can be shared.

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 1.03.32 PMLastly I have been exploring Artsonia app as a way to reflect. This reflection is often assessed and can be copied into their blogs so that they aren’t repeating the same work. The blog has more depth. To upload the work I use Scanlife to scan a QR code which is connected to the class gallery.


Another major part of the art curriculum is research. It is crucial to learn from others from the past to present. A great way to apply what we have learnt is to teach others. I have had my students create a variety of presentations which they show either to their class, small groups, a local school one on one or to elementary classes. Prezi, imovie, Keynote, and Voicethread are very similar to the laptop or internet applications.

However, 30 Hands, Haiku Deck and Explain Everything are ipad applications designed for presenting. I will focus on these. One issue I have faced is if the students don’t have their own ipads and because they can’t be taken home from school. They can only work on their assignment in class. If you are setting a larger assignment which needs more time than what you can give I’d recommend using the online programs like Prezi  because the work is saved and can be edited from any device or use their laptops.

30 Hands
30 Hands

30hands is a fun, innovative storytelling app that allows students, teachers and anyone with creativity to easily create narrated stories or presentations based on photos, images, drawings using an iPad, iPhone or iPod.

You can upload photos or manipulated images from other apps, you can record voice and add text. It is possible to draw on the image too. It records the slides and plays them like a video or you can stand talk, swipe and present. The video can then be published to the camera roll or saved to the 30hands site. One thing to be aware of is that the app has to stay open while the video is published. It can be played from the camera roll or it can be uploaded onto Facebook, Vimeo, You Tube or emailed. If the students upload their videos to You Tube or Vimeo they can embed them into their blogs or share the link.

Haiku Deck
Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is the simple new way to create and share inspiring presentations – whether you’re pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story, or igniting a movement. Featured on the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” lists!

Personally I love the format. It is visually appealing as it is very clean and crisp with one main image unless you upload a collage from another app. You can add headings and bullet points which keeps the presentation clear. There are templates and images you can choose from.

Publishing your decks unlocks the full potential of Haiku Deck. You can view them from any web-enabled device, export to PowerPoint or Keynote, download a PDF you can use for a handout, or easily share on social networks, just for starters.

Mrs Jardin's iPad HandoutCyclic Art Using Ipads click for the actual handout.

This is the sheet I created for my students to remind them which apps did what and where they fit into the creating cycle. They can use this many ways but basically they photograph their work at the end of a unit and manipulate it using a variety of apps from the list. All work is saved to the camera roll AND Dropbox.

SketchbookX is brilliant with its layers especially the ease of using free transform to move and resize the layers. The students upload their images from a variety of apps and fuse them together using opacity and the eraser. Of course they can draw, paint on top and add text too. The new image can then go back into the manipulation apps for greater variety and choice. The last step is to share and reflect on their work. The apps listed here are the ones I use the most. The possibilities are endless!

The iPad Journey (Part 2)

 in Vietnam                               2014-15

A journey to Alaska, Mrs Jardin
A journey to Alaska June 2014, Mrs Jardin

I am still a firm believer of the iPads being a crucial tool in the art room. I love the idea of mixing pixels with paint. Nothing beats the excitement of a student who has turned their work into something phenomenal using one or several of the incredible apps which I have exposed them to. What is even more exciting is seeing digital art they have created home because they have been inspired by what they are learning in the art room.

A trip to Ottawa to get the Vietnam visa, June 2014, Mrs Jardin
A trip to Ottawa to get the Vietnam visa, June 2014, Mrs Jardin

Now that I am in Vietnam in a new school my journey/research is continuing, however, I am building on the skills and knowledge I already have which is very exciting if not a little overwhelming. I am still determined to figure out the most useful apps for the classroom (which will be ever changing). I would also like to create curriculum or lesson ideas which include the iPads beginning, middle and end. This is not just for the purpose of including the iPads to be a 21stC teacher but because actual learning can take place because I believe this tool can really expand all student learning and engagement.

If there is no learning, creating, analysing, evaluating, presenting, sharing and collaborating then I am not interested.

Photo 27-09-2014 09 47 27

Meeting My Guru

Last Saturday I flew to Hong Kong to meet my iPad guru: Cathy Hunt from http://www.ipadartroom.com/

It was a brilliant experience because not only did she go through a variety of apps, many which I already knew but she allowed us to explore and create with them. The best take away for me was seeing how she would teach new apps to students and how she incorporated them into her curriculum. For example, traditionally I would make a character out of clay with the students it would be fired and displayed in the school with an evaluation but with the ease of imotion why not give that character a purpose like being a character in a stop motion movie or add lips and have the character speak about the learning. The possibilities are now endless which is definitely exciting but also overwhelming.

I have often played with drawing, manipulation and collage apps but have never created stop motion, animation or video. I have only ever created videos from photos not actual videos so these are some areas I would like to explore.

Photo Oct 01, 8 37 11 AM

This is what my grade 7s did when they finished their Georgia O’Keeffe oil pastel drawings. I created this handout after being inspired by Cathy Hunt.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.14.45 pm

Here is what they created.

Stop Motion With Grade 7

During my Mandala unit we used SYMMETRY LAB which the students love but find difficult to put down. We also created mandalas on umbrellas but to push it to another level I had the students use the iPads to create stop motions. They did a sensational job and were exceptionally engaged. We did these stop motions in three lessons if we had a little longer I would have had the students redo their best ones with proper editing as some still see hands and bodies appearing occasionally but for the time limit they did a brilliant job.

Digital Collage

The grade 6 students have been using the iPads to turn their I am a Dreamer painting into a digital collage. Some students really understood the importance of transparency, overlapping shapes and having a focal point.

Celebrating Success With Animoto

I am using this more often on my phone and iPad now and presenting these videos in assemblies at school.

Another Awesome Idea To Consider For The iPads

As I mentioned earlier Drawcast is a brilliant app for watching artwork being created online, which made me consider the necessity to research iPad artists. Especially inspiring ones for the students so that they can see it doesn’t have to be just a quick click of a button as you can do so much more.

I happened to find this post which is exactly what I was thinking about: http://www.ipadartroom.com/ipad-artists-making-masterpieces/

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 3.17.14 PMNow another inquiry could be “Who is out there? A search for talented iPad artists” how exciting. This journey is never going to end!


(Vietnam Technology Conference)

On 8th of March, 2015 I presented my first iPad workshop for teachers at the VTC2015 (Vietnam Technology Conference). My goal was to expose teachers to creative uses of iPads in particular their cyclic use and app mashing possibilities for any subject area.IMG_1891We focused on editing, manipulation, text apps and combined them all in layers on SketchbookX. I also became a Google Certified teacher so decided to put what I have learnt into action. I now have a brand NEW Google site which was created for this conference. I will re-work it or copy it for future conferences.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 7.26.18 PM



Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 7.42.10 AMAppstart is an app starter kit with all the essential apps you’ll ever need. This will take some time to go through but looks brilliant. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/appstart-for-ipad-2012-edition/id408984648

http://www.ipadartroom.com/ This is my FAVOURITE resource as there is so much information, great links and samples.

http://www.apple.com/education/ipad/teacher-stories/ iPad teacher stories to inspire you.

http://www.pinterest.com/artgirl90/ Donna Staten Pinterest board. INCREDIBLE! This is an absolutely amazing resource for teachers.

https://sites.google.com/site/ipadmultimediatools/video Another very organized  resource with many apps explained. I like how the prices are included too.

http://www.pinterest.com/rjardin/technology/ This is my Pinterest Technology board.

https://vimeo.com/fugleflicks One of the most inspiring users of technology that I know, Tricia Fuglestad.

http://ipadsintheartroom.weebly.com/index.html A very clear visual sample of a wide variety of apps with samples by Theresa Gillespie.

http://ipadsinart.wikispaces.com/ Suzanne Tiedemann, Theresa Gillespie, and Tricia Fuglestad are on a quest to find ways to improve instruction and art production in the art room with iPads. This is a brilliant speadsheet of apps, links to samples and classroom uses.

http://ipadsinart.weebly.com/student-app-art.html  This is another very visual one with samples by Tricia Fuglestad and Suzanne Tiedemann. These are the people to follow!


G9- Cara http://oerlemansblog.tumblr.com/

G9- Zina http://zinaart.edublogs.org/

G10- Thea http://theasartblog.blogspot.com/

G9- Angie http://angieartblog.tumblr.com/

G10- Amfowa http://www.tumblr.com/blog/amfowa-art

G10- Roshni http://www.tumblr.com/blog/roshniart

G9- Josephine http://jmac-arthur.blogspot.com/


View my Pinterest boards for inspiration, art teacher blogs and tutorials. http://pinterest.com/rjardin/boards/

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 3.27.07 PM

The ultimate Tech resource

http://artjunction.org/blog/?page_id=1024– 108 Tech tools. This is brilliant.

http://www.interactiveinsightsgroup.com/blog1/socialmediabeginnersguide/social-media-tools-101/– If you are new to all this Blogging, Tweeting, and other social media this is the site for you. It has very simple “Plain English” explanations.

Blogging in the Classroom-http://www.slideshare.net/jgatz/blogging-in-the-classroom-2175397 this is another fatastic site which explains the nuts and bolts of Blogging.

Brainstorming online

https://bubbl.us/– a very good easy to use online mind map


www.picassohead.com/create.html– Creating Picasso faces online. VERY easy and fun!

http://artpad.art.com/artpad/painter/ -what can you draw online? View other artist drawings at high speed.

http://www.glogster.com/ – create amazing posters online with sound, video, animation.

http://www.tuxpaint.org/ – FREE download drawing/painting online program.

http://www.toondoo.com– the fastest way to create comics.

www.eduweb.com/pintura/ – see if you can solve the art mysteries

http://sketchcast.com/ – you can sketch, record and add a voice over. Try it!

http://animoto.com/education– create video photo slide shows in minutes. Animoto takes the hard work out.


http://www.redbubble.com/art/featured – a brilliant resource and social network with practicing artists.

http://www.deviantart.com/ – a brilliant online gallery for contemporary artists.

http://www.artween.com/Eleves – another great sharing site this time they have a “student” section.

Norfolk Art Department Portfolio student’s work – a great site for students and teachers to get inspiration from other student’s work.

AISJ Art DEPT Outstanding examples of high quality work.

Art Competitions from Look and Learn You can enter your art on this site and win prizes.

Greely High School Gallery of AP art.

Hackley AP art gallery.

AIS Hong Kong -AP art examples.

Norfork art examples for portfolios.


Do you have an artist to research? This is a great site for artist and art movement information. http://www.artcyclopedia.com/

http://www.getty.edu/art/gettyguide/ -this is an art gallery and its amazing collection. Great for researching works of art.

http://www.artsonia.com/ – largest online kids gallery with competitions.

http://makingartfun.com/-brilliant for kids research and drawing classes.

http://artsmarts4kids.blogspot.com-excellent artist information.

Copyright images to use for research etc.

Preparing your ART Portfolio for university.


ArtE Lessons

Creative Resources – art lessons step by step, introduction to Art history. A fun easy to use site.

http://www.artyfactory.com/ – brilliant practical site with tips about African masks, drawing techniques, art history and so much more.

http://www.artattack.com – fantastic children’s art projects to do at home.

http://makingartfun.com/-brilliant for kids research and drawing classes.


Art Education2.0– brilliant networking and ideas for art teachers.

Asia ART teachers networking.

http://lc-art-gallery.lcms.srvusd.net/KramerMain.html – Another great one for Art teachers.

http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/ – A great site for art teachers.

http://www.artyfactory.com/ – brilliant practical site with tips about African masks, drawing techniques, art history and so much more.

http://www.artattack.com – fantastic children’s art projects to do at home.

http://www.zartart.com.au/ – an arts and crafts shop with a brilliant art gallery of students’ work and ideas.

The Art teachers guide to the Internet. Fantastic technology resource not just for art teachers but anyone interested in technology.

National Art Educators good eportfolios of art teachers and students.

Art classes in Bali– Classes for all in Bali.

Rubrics for teachers– create your own rubric.

Copyright images to use for research etc.

A good Blogging example. By Jabiz.

A Great teacher website by Ms Mac.

Present to your students using Prezi!

http://prezi.com/ensv0o2zqciv/animals-in-art/– a Student sample. Animals in Art Timeline

Storytelling through “Digitales”.

Blogging with the students with Edublogs.

Art resources for teachers from Mexico.

What do students think of your classes? Surveymonkey

IB art syllabus

Themes in art a humanities resource.


http://ed.voicethread.com/ – a brilliant way to talk over photos of your art or to collaborate with others. Create multimedia albums.


The Chicken man. The responses are great and are from around the world.

http://ed.voicethread.com/?#q+visual+art.b272747.i1460069 – IB portfolio great example of workbook expectations

http://ed.voicethread.com/?#q+visual+art.b281456.i1477645 IB portfolio great example of workbook expectations

http://ed.voicethread.com/?#q+visual+art.b452655.i2409728 A teachers explanation of the task followed by the students opinions. In the end they show the movies made by the students.

http://voicethread.com/?#q.b119840.i725907 -Amazing Grade 3 art and poetry.

http://ed.voicethread.com/?#q+Science.b444414-a One slide example Science

http://ed.voicethread.com/?#q+Science.b48507.i254427-Science example presented by the student.

http://ed.voicethread.com/?#q+Math.b44033.i232765-A very good example of Math. The triangle hunt.


Glogster Poster Samples from 2010

My how to use Glogster poster





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