DSCN9538I LOVE running art club because it enables me to do many projects that I never have time for in class from sculpture, printing, photography, recycle art, murals, group projects, sketchbook challenges, free time painting, jewelery design, ceramics, to digital art.

Running a yearly art club allows me to achieve some of these things. I am currently collecting amazing ideas on my Pinterest boards.

Have a look at my inspirations: are more ideas on my “Collage”, “Sculpture”, “Printmaking”,”Fabric art”,”Sketchbook ideas” boards.

You can access any of these on:

2014-15 SSIS Art Club Grades 6-8

I have continued to run an art club at SSIS, Vietnam. During the first session we created crazy hair portraits and a bottle chandelier.

The second session was a collaborative bird painting. This took quite a long time but looks stunning hanging in the hall.


The last session I opened up to the students to choose their own personal projects. Some are painting, others are doing digital art while three students have chosen to construct a recycle mannequin.

Art for the Soul Vietnam 2014-15

I am offering free art classes to the staff of SSIS. It seemed like there are many people who want to join this but the time after school is difficult to commit to. I do have a small group of core people who are here every class in particular some local staff which is brilliant. I am now running it as a semester one course.

This year we created circle mandalas, watercolour paintings, painted conical Vietnamese hats and made paper mache bowls.

2013-14 LCS Art Club Grades 6-12

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The students had a choice of creating their own “personal projects” or working as a group on similar tasks. At the moment they want to do the same thing so our first project is a very relaxing mandala design incorporating patterns and colour blends. I think this project is a favourite for my students and the teachers.

This was followed by making a Dale Chihuly inspired chandelier out of plastic bottles. The plan is to get all classes, teachers and admin involved and make as many of them as we can to hang around the school for the GISS conference in February. I am sure it will look stunning. This is a fabulous community project. My art club students were the ones who had to figure out how to construct these.

We also turned damaged materials into sculptures but I don’t have a photo of them so I have included the image which inspired the project.

I have always wanted to paint rocks. One day I would love to do a large environmental sculpture incorporating painted rocks and wrapped trees. I also love the idea of leaving them around in random places as gifts for people who find them.

Currently we are working on a canvas board using a theme of our choice with thick and thin lines inspired by this image from Pinterest:

The next project will be painting mandalas onto umbrellas. Exciting times in art club!

Art for the Soul 2013-14

First task: Watercolour background with ink trees inspired by Pinterest.

We have now completed the circle mandalas and are currently painting African figures with a paint knife. It will be up to the teachers to decide what they would like to work on. They can bring in a product to paint or work on paper. This is what they have done so far.

Community Mural Art Club 2012-13

The students created three murals near the VPAC and staff room, they also created templates for the Dot Day activities and painted the comments box for the PTO. It was a busy year.

Art for the Soul- Teacher Art Club 2012-13

During the second quarter I decided to introduce Art for the Soul for teachers after their Wednesday meetings. We painted giraffes, made beads, created textured canvases and made plaster birds.

On the occasional weekends we’d also take trips to buy beads and batik. The batiking was a real high-light for the year.

Habitat for Humanity Ghana 2011

Habitat For Humanity China 2010

This was tough work because we were digging up bricks from an old foundry. You can see how exhausted the kids were. Still an amazing experience for all involved.

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