G6 – Art With Heart

We have just finished quarter 2, and what an amazing quarter it has been.


This course is called “Exploratory Art” so previously, my students explored painting, clay, and digital art, all in 8 weeks. They created a new project every two classes. Since 8 weeks is too quick to build skills, I ran this class as a series of workshops, so at least they could get a taste of what an art class could be like, before they choose in grade 7.

However, this quarter, I decided to collaborate with an ES art club to support a charity here in Vietnam. We were inspired by this art work found on Pinterest and decided to create our own version.


My Q2 students began by researching three charities:

ARC- http://arcpets.com/

EPRC- http://www.eprc.asia/

WAR- http://www.wildlifeatrisk.org/

They summarized what each one did, how we can help and why it is important to help, then they voted on the one they wanted to help this year. WAR – Wildlife At Risk was the chosen one for this year.

I still used the workshop style of teaching so that the students were still able to draw, paint, print, and even use clay and collage. Each project was quick without much development or inquiry (due to the time limit) but the results are still awesome!

We began by collecting images of endangered animals in Vietnam, then we drew an endangered animal, it’s habitat, food, patterns or eggs onto a circle shape and painted it in watercolours.

Then we drew a different design based on the same theme onto polystyrene, which was then printed with inks and brayers. These rectangle shapes were then cut into circles ready for the large collaborative piece.


The last step, was to create a banner, posters, paint the wood for the mural, make donation boxes, and photograph our favourite artwork ready for art cards, which will be sold at our end of year art party.

We will have a station for everyone to decorate a circle and add to the collaborative art piece, plus the popcorn this year will no longer be free it will have a small cost which will also go towards WAR. So now it is becoming make art and eat for a cause!


I hope you will come and join us and participate in this awesome community event. More information will come later in the year.

My next class will build on this collaboration, and I believe more elementary art classes will be joining us.

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