G8 Sculpture Chairs Are Making Great Progress.

IMAGINE - RANDOM INPUT The students began the unit by exploring Surrealist idea generation techniques, such as random input. Words and objects were combined randomly to create unique ideas. This technique was developed further with individual and collaborative brainstorming. At this point it is about quantity, not quality. The students then shared their best ideas... Continue Reading →

Grade 8 Progress-Sculpture Chairs

  After our huge success selling our Endagermalia books (you can read more here) it was time for something completely different: CHAIR SCULPTURES. The students were introduced to the terminology of sculpture from the elements to techniques and materials. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvKvXgAdlfg&list=PLpMQzm5H42BgCS6bCBFHI9NbrzHutKAQ6 After discussing and comparing the key words they then created these stunning terminology sheets using Wordfoto.... Continue Reading →

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