Vietnamese Landscapes in the Style of Hundertwasser I wrote earlier about this project but wanted to show the final paintings and sculptures now that the unit was complete. These paintings are the students' interpretations of the Vietnamese landscape but in the style of Hundertwasser. The students studied his use of symbols to communicate important environmental messages.... Continue Reading →

Grade 8 Progress-Sculpture Chairs

  After our huge success selling our Endagermalia books (you can read more here) it was time for something completely different: CHAIR SCULPTURES. The students were introduced to the terminology of sculpture from the elements to techniques and materials. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvKvXgAdlfg&list=PLpMQzm5H42BgCS6bCBFHI9NbrzHutKAQ6 After discussing and comparing the key words they then created these stunning terminology sheets using Wordfoto.... Continue Reading →

Textured Analogous Sculptures, G6

CREATIVE COLOUR WHEEL PAINTINGS After creating these gorgeous "Creative Colour Wheel" watercolour paintings, the students were now ready to apply their knowledge of, 'Analogous' colours, to a foil textured sculpture. It was meant to be a relief art work but many of the students chose sculpture instead. As long as they could demonstrate texture, analogous... Continue Reading →

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