Grade 6 – Exploring Animation, Stop Motion and Digital Art.

I was so incredibly happy with this small unit because it gave the students a chance to play with traditional painting, digital painting, animation, stop motion and GreenScreen skills. In the end, there was even total student choice, which kept everyone happy. GALAXY PAINTING The students began by looking at galaxy photos and exploring sponge,... Continue Reading →

Grade 9 Foundations 1: Value Drawing

LEARNING ABOUT VALUE We began the quarter be studying different ways artists create value. The students practised value scales and a variety of toning techniques from stippling, shading to lettering. We watched and copied these videos (below) and then looked at artist's works and analyzed them. Now, we were ready to practise on our own... Continue Reading →

HS MarkMaking Canvas & Prints

The HS class have nearly completed their final mark-making fabric portraits and they are looking sensational. The students have had a quarter of exploring different drawing techniques from: gesture, contour, negative space, continuous line, blind, upside down drawing and Zentangles. Theses silhouettes were the second formative task and the fabric is the third. Once the canvas... Continue Reading →

Portraits and Apps G6

In Grade 6 we have been studying portraiture, in particular Expressionist portraits. The students learnt about the meaning of colour and its connection to mood. They chose a dominant cool or warm colour scheme and experimented with oil pastel blending. Some students chose markers instead. The background had to use contrasting tints and was painted with a wide... Continue Reading →

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