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Grade 9 Foundations 1: Value Drawing

LEARNING ABOUT VALUE We began the quarter be studying different ways artists create value. The students practised value scales and a variety of toning techniques from stippling, shading to lettering. We watched and copied these videos (below) and then looked at … Continue reading

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This is one of my all time favourite art challenges, but it’s the FIRST time I thought to time lapse each painting. Students get into a group of 4 or 5, and have one canvas with 3-4 ovals drawn on … Continue reading

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HS MarkMaking Canvas & Prints

The HS class have nearly completed their final mark-making fabric portraits and they are looking sensational. The students have had a quarter of exploring different drawing techniques from: gesture, contour, negative space, continuous line, blind, upside down drawing and Zentangles. Theses … Continue reading

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Grade 6 Digital Meets Traditional

My new grade 6 class has just joined me in the art room. They are the last group to experience the studio for this year! We began the course by creating graffiti names. I have to say they did a BRILLIANT … Continue reading

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An AWESOME Art Challenge

I tried something very different today since it was the last class for grade 6. They had spent the whole quarter working on the NY collaboration so I thought I’d reward them with a super fun challenge. I showed them … Continue reading

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G6 NY to Vietnam Collaboration

For the last 5 weeks my students have been working with a class in New York. They have all been matched with a buddy. We have swapped photos and now it is up to each person to copy, REMIX, transform … Continue reading

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Portraits and Apps G6

In Grade 6 we have been studying portraiture, in particular Expressionist portraits. The students learnt about the meaning of colour and its connection to mood. They chose a dominant cool or warm colour scheme and experimented with oil pastel blending. Some students … Continue reading

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