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PLEASE Purchase Our Book, G8

OUR SHOP IS OPEN AND WE NEED YOUR HELP…….PLEASE. The grade 8 art students have been working very hard, over the last 14 weeks on a collaboration with Commack Middle School, New York. They also connected with an author/illustrator from … Continue reading

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HS MarkMaking Canvas & Prints

The HS class have nearly completed their final mark-making fabric portraits and they are looking sensational. The students have had a quarter of exploring different drawing techniques from: gesture, contour, negative space, continuous line, blind, upside down drawing and Zentangles. Theses … Continue reading

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G7 Out Of The Frame

THE DEVELOPMENT The grade 7 students had their last class for their “Out of the Frame” mixed media tonal drawing. We began with a practise 4 box piece. The purpose of this first task was to improve our drawing skills by … Continue reading

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Splash & Dash Endangered Animal G8

The grade 8 students have had a sensational start to the year. They began by learning how to truly see their animal. They created blind, negative space, contour and gesture drawings of their animals. Then they researched WHY their animal … Continue reading

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HS Art in the MS

Exciting news! This year one of the Foundation:1 Art classes (mixed grade 9,10,11, 12s) has joined Studio A300. It is my first time teaching this particular course but I am super excited about teaching it. Overall, it is a solid … Continue reading

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Grade 6 Digital Meets Traditional

My new grade 6 class has just joined me in the art room. They are the last group to experience the studio for this year! We began the course by creating graffiti names. I have to say they did a BRILLIANT … Continue reading

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New York Collaboration is Complete!

TASK: To swap photos with a class in Commack Middle School, Long Island, New York, and remix them into a unique piece of work.   The students experimented with 4 techniques as described in this post: Then, they had to choose … Continue reading

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