Our Art Tutorials Were Well Received

For more information about this collaboration please click HERE Or watch this video, which was played at the art party last week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYqodGVX20o In summary my NEW Art With Heart club used 5 after school club lessons to research, choose, create, teach and edit art tutorials for Orphan Impact. Some of our tutorials were for very... Continue Reading →

We Raised Over $400 in 2Hrs For Charity

The Quarter 4 Grade 6 students continued and COMPLETED our stunning giant collaborative art. To read more about the start of this project please click HERE. A VIDEO THAT WE PLAYED NEXT TO OUR ART CARDS DURING THE ART PARTY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOhnpHY81Rs INVESTIGATE As the video said, they did an incredible job by researching why we... Continue Reading →

G7 Birdcage Sculptures and Animations

This post is part 2, part 1 is: Surrealist Birdcages The students were absolutely incredible with this unit. They planned, researched, critiqued, collaborated, documented, evaluated, exhibited and animated! It doesn't get better than that for an art teacher. The students would arrive to class highly motivated and extremely focused. It really was phenomenal. Here are... Continue Reading →

Flags in 40mins

Our first introductory creative task for grades 6,7, and 8, this year, was to create a flag. On the front of the flag the students could sketch, collage, or paint anything they wanted. While on the back the grade 6 and 7 students wrote: what they were looking forward to the most in art this... Continue Reading →

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