Grade 7, AWESOME Music art & Videos


I could not be happier with their results.

To see the entire process you can view previous posts HERE.

The students then had 4 classes to put together 4 small videos. They could choose their tools from: Greenscreen, animation, stop motion, Explain Everything to iMovie.

They were required to:

  • Introduce the task and summarize the steps involved.
  • Analyze their art whilst applying the elements and principles of art.
  • Compare and contrast their work to three of the six artists we studied.
  • Discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

Their paintings were assessed based on their video explanation, colour choices and use of paint techniques studied in class. This was a HUGE but super fun project.


However, next time I would offer more student choice rather than saying they have to create a video.

The videos are currently being played outside the library with their painting display. They will also be playing on a loop during our art party. Now that all the hard work is done I am so incredibly proud of the quality of work the students created from the painting to the video explanations.

AWESOME work grade 7!

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