Music and Art to Express Ourselves, G7

A Review

I wrote about this unit in two earlier posts. However, since it has been such an awesome start for grade 7, I will review all the steps so far.

Lesson 1- the students participated in automated drawing and watercolour painting, inspired by a very eclectic playlist that I put together, with the help of our wonderful music teacher.

We drew, danced and painted, which made it quite a unique first class for the school year!

Lesson 2 – We studied and compared two artists: Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock.

Then we had the chance to create our own Jackson Pollock and beautiful mini Kandinsky inspired drawing or painting.

Lesson 3 – Some students remembered to bring old clothes to participate in a Heather Hansen inspired movement charcoal work, while the other students finished off their Kandinsky drawings and researched Stuart Davis.

Lessons 4 & 5 (This week)- We used our automated drawings and paintings from lesson 1 to make a collage, and our Jackson Pollock paintings became the frame. The goal of this task was to gain an understanding of Cubism. This developmental task was inspired from a post I saw on Create Art With Me.

Step 1: Tear large, medium and small pieces for your collage and stick them down (leaving enough space for your drawing)


Step 2: Draw 20-25 horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines in black Sharpie.


Step 3: In your sketchbooks research and draw an instrument or two from different angles.

Step 4: Add a min of 3 drawings to the collage.


Step 5: Add colour consider the colour scheme based on contrast and movement.

NOTE: Since this is only a two lesson task the students had to apply the colour very quickly which meant paint, chalk or oil pastels could be used. Normally, I would not rush the students but this is not their final task, so we do need to move on.


The Final Results – After ONLY 2 Classes

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, the students are ready to plan and combine what they have learnt in their OWN giant canvas painting inspired by their personal music playlist. Their art needs to connect to their music and at least three of the artists we have studied. I can’t wait to see their results. The final piece will begin next week.

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