It is the start of another school year and I can’t wait!

My husband and I have returned from an amazing summer in Myanmar, Taiwan and Mongolia. During our travels I saw many inspiring ideas for my art classes, but unfortunately I won’t have the time to do them ALL. However, I do have some great ideas, which I can’t wait to start sharing with my students. Here are some photos from our summer with a brief explanation of what I hope to teach in each grade level.


The summer gave me a great deal of time to really think about what my students would love to achieve this year.

In grade 7 I have decided to keep the passion projects, functional clay objects, and am introducing superhero printmaking, and a very fun NEW painting unit based on music.

Grade 8 will be creating their incredible chair sculptures, making stunning “wisdom boxes”, which will contain beautiful watercolour paintings with inspirational quotes. They will also be exploring fashion design using stencils and spray paint, and of course they will be painting too.


The grade 6 course is always too quick, because they only have one quarter, so they will be: painting, using clay, and learning about digital art and photography.

It’s going to be a great year. I hope you are all refreshed and ready to be back in the art room. I can’t wait to see what you all create this year. Don’t forget everything will be showcased downstairs in the MS building by the cafeteria, and in the end of year ART Party.


The art room is all set up, and ready to go, the only thing that is missing is your amazing art.

Come and play, experiment, and have fun– in the only subject where there really are NO MISTAKES, only happy accidents!


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