An Incredible ART PARTY

Two weeks ago we had our annual art exhibition and party, and it was HUGE. We had over 20 student-run art workshops and the whole SSIS community was invited to participate! As you can see by these photos we had an awesome attendance, and people of all ages and art experience were participating.


Awesome changes compared to previous years.

Art Party 2017_resized (1).jpg
Student designed banner.

This time we had the HS students participate in behind the scenes work. The students: designed art cards for charity, created posters, wrote publicity emails, designed the decorations, gathered playlists, designed a program, had large signs with maps and even shared commercials. After the event, all students said they loved being more involved. Here’s some of their work:

We also had MS students run the workshops only and HS were managers, demonstrators or participants. Next year I think we only need demonstrators or participants.

The popcorn stand was a new addition and incredibly popular, not to mention all the collaborative projects. In my first art party 6 years ago, I had the students make folders and take all their workshop art home, but I think the collaborative art was a little more successful this year.


Lastly, we introduced a stamp sheet where once you have completed the workshop you can get a stamp. This let people know what workshops there were, and gave the students something to collect.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 5.11.26 PM

We could not have been happier with the success of this event, and can’t wait for next year, as it is only going to get better! See you in a year.

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