G8 Chair Sculptures are DONE!

The process of these sculptures can be seen in previous posts. This is a celebration and showcase of the students hard work as this unit draws to an end. It has been a 12-14 week journey and still remains to be one of the best units I have taught!

When their chairs are complete the students have a checklist to work through.


  1. They need to annotate the elements and principles on their chair using Skitch
  2. Then they need to create a movie/ Gif/ Slideshow capturing the entire visual process of the making of the chair.
  3. We have been reflecting daily with 30Hands so now all those videos need to be compressed into one movie.
  4. Lastly, they need to reflect on the process using a tool of their choice for example: Green screen, Prezi, Pages, Explain Everything, ibook author, 30 Hands or iMovie. They also have the option create a 5-6 paragraph blog post.


We have also created clipboards for the general public to guess the student’s theme. This has been fun and brought up some great discussions abut how we all view work differently depending on our backgrounds and experiences.

These chairs will be on display at our ART PARTY next week. Come along and congratulate our students!

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 9.34.02 AM.png


Commercial link

In the next post I’ll add photos of everyone’s chairs and link their reflections.

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