Zentangle Eyes to Clay Bowls


The grade 6 students have been very busy in the art room. Not a minute is wasted! They have now completed their gorgeous Zentangle eyes. The students had to demonstrate an ability to:

  • tone
  • create movement
  • add repeated patterns
  • present work neatly

Their results are fabulous.

Digital Art and LifeCards Reflection

Once that was complete they superimposed themselves interacting with their eye design. Then, they used Lifecards to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, it was time to turn their eye into a ceramic bowl. The students used a slab technique. They had to demonstrate how to make coils, slabs and how to join correctly. Textured rollers were encouraged for patterning. The bowls are certainly beautiful.

Once they are dry it will be time to glaze them. To prepare for this we began to study and review the colour wheel. To make this a fun experience I had them create a two lesson “creative colour wheel” painting. Once again, their art is lovely.

The last step is to create an “analogous relief foil sculpture“. The students are currently cutting the cardboard, adding hot glue texture and wrapping the pieces with foil. An analogous colour scheme will be applied to their pieces and then they will be assembled.



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