Colour Tutorials and Harmonies


The HS Art Foundations class were reviewing colour theory. Many of the students have not studied colour before, other than primary and secondary colours. Therefore, I decided to create a fun and quick way for them to learn.

Colour Tutorials

The students had to research and demonstrate their understanding of colour mixing by producing a tutorial. Key words were written on the board, but the catch was, they had only ONE lesson to complete the task. The hands-on requirement, group work, and time limit turned a sometimes dull colour theory lesson, into an engaging and memorable experience.

I was astounded how engaged the students actually were, for the entire class!

Check out this ANIMOTO video of the students in action.

Once a good understanding of colour theory was gained, the students then applied four different colour schemes (such as: split-complimentary, triad, and analogous) to these Vietnam culture paintings.

This tutorial (below) was completed by a group of students who knew nothing about colour theory until they arrived today. I was so impressed by their results.

One of them said, “That was so fun, I never thought I could learn so much in one class.” That is all I could ask for!

The next step is to research, annotate and write a comparative study between two historical artists. Then it will be time to start their final summative piece for this quarter.

Exciting times in Studio A300!

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