Hundertwasser is Alive in G7

This is a continuation of my previous post where we left off with the students designing their gorgeous concepts.


They were required to choose a Vietnamese landscape photo and reinterpret it using Hundertwasser’s colourful, symbolic and highly patterned style. These were created with tracing paper which were brilliant for layering and retracing our favourite sections. The students were learning the importance of not taking their first idea so they had to have a minimum of three concepts.

To replicate Hunderwasser’s dark-bright style we painted the background of the canvas in black gesso first. The outline of the landscape was sketched in chalk, this required observational drawing skills, and then the painting began. The results have been brilliant so far, as the students have all been totally engaged. Here are the students in action:

Some have finished their paintings and I could not be happier, infact, I think we will share our work with the stunning museum, in Vienna, that inspired this project in the first place. Here are some of the finished or almost finished works of art.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When the students are finished they will be completing a variety of tasks:

  • Step one will be to put the development of their work into Pic Collage and upload it to their blogs.
  • Step two, they need to write an artist’s statement using the LifeCards app.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 6.41.37 PM.png

  • Step three, because we can’t legally steal images off of the internet, the students will need to “transform” them into a digital collage so that they can talk about the elements of a Hundertwasser painting using ExplainEverything.
  • Lastly, they will create a video where they analyze Hundertwasser’s work, their work, and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

For this task they will have a choice of Green screen, Buddy Poke, Explain Everything, Megaphoto and Photobooth. They will combine everything professionally in iMovie and upload it to You Tube. We will create a playlist of their videos and share it with the museum in Vienna.

  • Free music from Jamendo will be used for the background and will have to be correctly cited.

I will share their movies and final artwork next week


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