Grade 8 Progress-Sculpture Chairs


After our huge success selling our Endagermalia books (you can read more here) it was time for something completely different: CHAIR SCULPTURES.

The students were introduced to the terminology of sculpture from the elements to techniques and materials.

After discussing and comparing the key words they then created these stunning terminology sheets using Wordfoto. They had to add the words from memory. Afterwards they used Skitch to annotate each element, which were then combined to create an A4 poster for their sketchbooks.

Once they had gained the basic knowledge of sculpture it was now time to learn about the design process. The students brainstormed their themes, practiced developing ideas with random word input techniques, and changed the scale, texture and setting of their subject matter (a Surrealist technique),  to make their designs more interesting. It was important to develop their ideas and not take the first design, some students found this hard.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 8.34.29 PM.png
The design process in Mrs Jardin’s class

All ideas and tutorials were collected on their Pinterest boards. For the research section they needed to collect photo resources of their topic and also look into You Tube tutorials to help with sculptural techniques. This project is entirely student-centered, as they need to plan, seek their own answers and watch their time management.

Now, the sculpture has begun which is definitely the most exciting time for all students.

At the end of every session the students record their achievements, findings, challenges and plans for the next class with 30Hands. We use the app to a very basic level but it is perfect for the purpose. The students photograph their work and then talk over the slide. They could draw and annotate but we want this to be quick and efficient for the students so I have simplified the process.


You can see some of the videos on the student blogs:

I will embed more videos later. Right now, they are adding just one or two slides to their blogs, but later they will have one complete movie of all their development.

Freedom by Hanbeom- Progress

There will be another update VERY soon. The chairs are changing quickly!



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