This is one of my all time favourite art challenges, but it’s the FIRST time I thought to time lapse each painting. Students get into a group of 4 or 5, and have one canvas with 3-4 ovals drawn on it in chalk, these ovals will be turned into faces. The results were fabulous!


  • You have 10mins to discuss a plan, no touching the canvas.
  • You have only 60mins to complete this painting.
  • No black paint until the end.
  • Use expressive colours (realism is not needed).
  • The portraits need to follow the rules, as demonstrated.
  • Everyone must be involved.
  • Fill the whole canvas- no white canvas is to be left.


Aren’t they so much fun? The students loved seeing their videos at the end.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not only were the students engaged during the entire class, but they learnt about the rules of portraiture in a unique way AND now we have some stunning, loose, expressive, large canvases to hang on the walls! All achieved in 80mins (5min intro, 5-10min planning, 60min painting, 5-10min clean up and photoshoot!)

I can’t wait for the next class to do this! 🙂


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