Grade 9 Foundations 1: Value Drawing


We began the quarter be studying different ways artists create value. The students practised value scales and a variety of toning techniques from stippling, shading to lettering. We watched and copied these videos (below) and then looked at artist’s works and analyzed them.

Now, we were ready to practise on our own mini still life. The students collected 5 shells and applied a different technique on each.

Using cross-contour techniques and by watching this video:

We created beautiful optical art backgrounds ready for another tonal technique and observational drawing.

The process was so relaxing, and since my students were so stressed about HS, and the fast approaching exams, I decided to make this task a journaling project so that they could let off steam and relax. Here is what they achieved:

If you zoom up on these images you will see the student’s thoughts, dreams and feelings within the background. The hand pose was using sign language and cross-contour drawing techniques.


Their final task for the quarter (which unfortunately, I was not there for due to WWW and then they were not in for 2 weeks due to exams) was to create an unusual pose or expression, grid it, and apply as many different toning techniques as they can, one per box. I was not able to help at all so was very impressed when they shared their work with me. I love getting surprises like that. 🙂  You are all AWESOME.

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