We have just got back from holidays and now I need to catch up by sharing the amazing work the grade 7 class did during last quarter. Better late than never. 🙂


I wrote previously about this task, but basically, the students reinterpreted their out of the frame drawings as a functional clay object.

Their assessment was based on form vs function. At the beginning of the task they had to say what their function was, and be prepared to actually perform the function. For example, if it was to design a bowl that holds ice-cream, they would have to eat ice-cream during the expo/assessment class. Have a look at their final products and see if you can guess their functions.

Now, lets see what happened during our expo/assessment class. It was certainly a great deal of fun! By the way, before the students ate the food they had to do a photoshoot considering: worm’s eye view, bird’s eye view, extreme closeup and the rule of thirds.

When looking at these student photos see if you can guess which rules they applied!


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