Zen and Tone in Grade 6

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Our sketchbook covers are complete!

After creating their digital art the students then created a graffiti name in their sketchbooks. They were assessed on overlapping letters, details, colouring and presentation skills. Some students pushed their work to a higher level by adding a shadow.

The names were then photographed, and superimposed on top of their digital art. These were printed A5 size and stuck onto the covers of their sketchbooks. Not only are they creative but we can also learn about the student interests, which is a fabulous way to get to know my new class.


Zentangle Eyes

Now, we are designing Zentangle eyes. The students were learning: to follow instructions, apply tone with coloured pencil and how to create Zentangles, which is a very relaxing way to pattern. Some students chose their colour scheme based on colour symbolism. Despite the smaller size of this project, there was certainly a lot of learning and skill building going on. I could not be happier with the results!

How to Tone an Eye

Our Results

Digital Art

Now that the students are finishing they will be using their iPad to superimpose themselves interacting with the eye. They will also reflect on the task and self assess using Lifecards. This card will be emailed to their family and put on display with their work.




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