A Collaboration for Charity, G8

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After connecting with the students in New York, grade 8 were introduced to Graeme Base and his gorgeous Animalia book. The students were VERY impressed, so wrote him letters using Lifecards, which we sent to him. Not long after, he had written this amazing letter back to us.

All inspired, we then began to design our book pages. The students were given a letter of the alphabet, they then had to choose an endangered animal starting with that letter, draw it, and create an alliteration. All work was shared to their small group on Edmodo.

Meanwhile, New York also created beautiful art work and shared them with us. Once the first drawings were complete, the students had to choose one of three jobs: animal, background or alliteration typography. They were still communicating regularly through Edmodo.

The students worked very hard on their chosen job and are now photographing their work and are putting it into a share folder. Now, my students are using the iPads and Superimpose to layer all the work together. We have two finished pieces so far and they are AMAZING.

In fact, I emailed them to Graeme Base and he said we had a lot of talent in this group!


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