G7 Out Of The Frame



The grade 7 students had their last class for their “Out of the Frame” mixed media tonal drawing. We began with a practise 4 box piece. The purpose of this first task was to improve our drawing skills by drawing our animal from a variety of angles. We then learnt toning techniques and how to apply line variation whilst using different media. Once the four boxes were complete we were then ready to start our final.


As more students submit their work I’ll add them to this post so stay tuned! The students were being assessed on: their drawing skills, the ability to tone with coloured pencil, application of thick and thin lines, contrast and the size of their animal.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Once their work was complete they were then required to summarize 6-7 important things they learnt from completing this unit. We used Visual Poetry to do this. Here are some samples:



Now, the students are choosing their own reflection tool and are creating an entertaining piece inspired from their planning template. I will share the final results in another post.

Well done grade 7 these are fabulous!


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