Welcome Back to 2016-17 in Studio A300

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Welcome back to Studio A300! We have just had our first full week of school following the new timetable. It certainly has been a busy few days in the art room. The first task was to create a sketchbook cover. In grade 7 and 8 they had complete free choice, they could make a collage, paint, or draw any theme they desired.

In grade 6, they could also create a free choice cover, or design a graffiti name. Some students combined both ideas, free draw with their name. The results were fantastic. What a great start to the year!

After the sketchbook cover, the grade 6 students began their first assessed task which, is a Zentangle eye. They are not only creating an eye, but are: using movement, balance, pattern, emphasis and are learning how to push their ideas and create concepts. Here are some of their gorgeous drawings so far:

In grade 7, they have been exploring drawing techniques for their first major piece which will be something that “crawls, swims or flies out of the frame“. This task will improve students: observational, sketching, and toning skills, whilst they apply and analyze the elements and principles of art. A brief introduction to the “history of animals in art” will also be studied (from cave man to Franz Marc).

In grade 8, they are studying endangered animals whilst learning drawing skills from blind, negative space, gesture, contour and geometric drawing. The students found out how many of their chosen animal are left in the world and discussed why they are endangered. We looked into some ways we could help and make a difference. If time permits we will revisit this.

Step 1: Research Charcoal Techniques and Copy them.

Step 2: Research the Animal and Practise a Variety of Drawing Skills.

The next step will to be practise splashing watercolours and then drawing the animal onto the background. The final animal will be in charcoal on the watercolour.

I am so glad to have you all back in the art room, and can’t wait to see the positive changes in your work as you develop into proficient artists!

WELCOME TO 2016-17!

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