HS Art in the MS


Exciting news! This year one of the Foundation:1 Art classes (mixed grade 9,10,11, 12s) has joined Studio A300. It is my first time teaching this particular course but I am super excited about teaching it. Overall, it is a solid foundation for any student continuing with DP and AP art. In fact the format, assessment and portfolio requirement is a very similar structure.

So what have we been doing so far?

Mark Making

Since this is a mixed group that don’t know each other I decided to begin with a group task. In groups they were required to layer as many marks as they could. Each time they swapped groups they had to introduce themselves and chat about favourite things.

GOAL: To loosen up, remember that all art begins with a mark, some artists have found their fame by exploring marks.

After attempting gesture drawing the students taped some sticks together and drew each other. They found using the charcoal this way to be quite challenging but really fun.

GOAL: To explore gesture drawing and unconventional tools. This is an extension to mark making. Becoming comfortable with the marks we can make.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing is a technique that captures the essence of an object. It is like a skeleton but more dynamic, quick, and loose. It is a really important starting point for artists because it lays down the feeling of the object or the person before the drawing is developed. This skill can be used for conceptual development or a a base for a final piece.

You can see more information here: Video and this is another sample.

Unconventional Mark Making

Today’s class was looking into unconventional mark making with a variety of tools. If you look closely at these pictures you can see markers taped to faces, hands and twisted into hair. This was so much fun to watch. Some students were hesitant to explore and took some time grasping the concept, while others were instantly drawing with their knees and elbows! The next step is going to pull all this together in their fist art piece.


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