Human Rights in G8

The grade 8 students have just completed their Human Rights printmaking unit, and I could not be happier with the results! Especially, considering the short time they had to do it. This unit was part of a Social Studies, Language arts and Science collaboration.

The students had already been introduced to the topic in Social Studies, so during art we focused on Propaganda art and looked at how images can make an impact in society. Following the design process the students generated ideas, simplified them, researched and then created their own lino print or stencil. The final results were displayed in an expo yesterday.

When looking at Propaganda art we watched this video:

After a discussion we followed it with a sample of “positive Propaganda” by Shepard Fairey

3376087325_4337a72a2c_bflickr photo by BruceTurner shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Then looked at Propaganda in Vietnam:


The TASK: To create a product/print using lino or stenciling techniques which persuades the SSIS community to believe in something or to do something connected to a human rights issue studied in Social Studies.

The students began by brainstorming ideas followed with concept sketches. Their ideas were pushed further and then stylized so that they were suitable for either a lino print or stencil. The design was drawn onto the printing template and carving or cutting began.

Now, it was time for the fun part! The printing. To encourage the students to try different colours, surfaces and textures I included an extra grade out of 100 purely for experimentation.

After printing approximately 10 prints, it was time to choose the top 2-4 prints for the expo. We discussed the importance of framing and I believe did a very professional job. I loved how the students were open to exploring space and texture. Well done grade 8!



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The display with Poetry

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