The ART Party Was a HUGE Success

Last Wednesday we had our final MS/HS art celebration. We took over the auditorium, Plaza, HS gym and reception area. All work created this year was on display. In the HS gym we had 25 workshops run by MS/ HS students which were designed for ES students, in particular. The idea was to have everyone involved in art and appreciating the art created.

The musicians performed in the Plaza and Auditorium and did a sensational job. The most popular workshops seemed to be the drawing floors, group painting, umbrella painting, green screen, wool art, and iPad monsters.

Unfortunately, we did not have as many students attend from ES this time but we did definitely have more MS and HS students, which was one of my goals from last year. This was the first time HS has joined our workshops. Next year, if we combine again I am sure they will be even more enthusiastic now that they know what this event is all about. Maybe they will want to plan their own workshops! That is my goal for next year.

All of these beautiful photographs were taken by David, Kareshmaa, Angel, Austin, Huy Thiet Vu and Greg Jardin. Thanks to everyone who supported this event.


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