Printmaking in Grade 7

The Process

Step 1: Research owls, collect photos of favourite owls.

Step 2: Practise drawing the favourite into the sketchbook.

Step 3: Analyze existing prints to see what is successful in a lino print. We discussed: contrast, balance, focal point, texture, pattern and movement.

Step 4: Design our owl and plan the black and white design. Black is where the ink will go, white is what we carve.

Step 5: Redraw the design onto lino and fill in the black areas so that we don’t get confused.

Step 6: Begin carving

Step 7: Trial print no 1, when this is printed the students need to be super-critical and write all over their design with corrections.

Hi-lighting the areas Essie wants to change.

Step 8: Wash off the ink and re-carve making all the required changes.

Step 9: Print again. If everything is exactly how they want it then the work is uploaded to Artsonia.


Step 10: Begin working through the checklist which was designed to encourage students to try, single colours, blends, special effects and a variety of surfaces.

Step 11: Once the students have printed a min of 8 different surfaces we will cut them up and assemble a collage which will hopefully be framed and ready for display in the art show on May,18th.

Step 12: Is a secret which I will reveal when the students get closer to this stage. It will involve transparent printing. Watch this space!




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