Grade 6 Collaboration with China

Meeting our new friends from Yew Chung International School, China

My new class of grade 6 students are very excited to be meeting our new friends from Shanghai, China.

So what is the project? Firstly, my students learnt about negative shapes, we walked around the school and took awesome photos of interesting negative shapes. Then we drew our favourite image onto paper. After learning about a variety of oil pastel techniques we filled in the negative spaces of our drawings.

Once the first step was complete we took photos of our art, and uploaded them to Artsonia. Then we created a LifeCard to send to our buddies. The artwork was posted today with the cards. We can’t wait to hear what the students think of our work.


Before we began our own drawings we had already received beautiful drawings from Yew Chung International School. These have been photocopied and will be turned into practise sculptures. The students will be choosing their own techniques and materials for their final sculpture. We talked about slot sculpture techniques, and the importance of having an interesting viewpoint from all angles. A sculpture should not be flat.

Drawings from China

To help with the connection between the classes we created videos for each other. These are not edited but you can see how excited the students are to meet each other.



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