G7 Mandala Collaboration

G7 Mandala Collaboration is Nearly Complete

STEP 1: Go to LST (Lawrence S. Ting School) and learn technique 1. (Concentric circles)

STEP 2: LST students come to our school and we teach them technique 2. (Folding)

STEP 3: We all use You Tube and learn technique 3. (Seed)


STEP 4: Create our own designs based on the theme “cities”. Any of the techniques could be used.

STEP 5: Swap our designs with the local school, get into pairs and combine the designs to create a new Mandala. At least 4 students have to be represented.

STEP 6: Paint the final design onto an umbrella.

STEP 7: Photograph and varnish.

Creative Photo Competition

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The students were asked to pose for a “creative photo”. This was a secret photo which is being revealed at the end of the unit (next class). The only rules were, we must see most of both faces and the front of the umbrella.

STEP 8: Create a Stop Motion. Unfortunately, we did not have enough stands so I had to limit the task to one lesson and combine groups. Which was not ideal but I am still happy with what they achieved. For some students this was their first time.

STEP 9: Reconnect with the local school and show them our final umbrellas. Explain what we liked about their designs and how we applied them to our art.


STEP 10:  We will be hanging all umbrellas from both schools at TWO major displays which you are ALL invited to.

18th of MAY, 2016, South Saigon School, Auditorium.

21st of MAY, 2016, Crescent Mall in the atrium near Mango.

More details soon, we will look forward to seeing you there!


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