New York Collaboration is Complete!


TASK: To swap photos with a class in Commack Middle School, Long Island, New York, and remix them into a unique piece of work.  


The students experimented with 4 techniques as described in this post: Then, they had to choose or combine their favourite techniques, to create a beautiful art work which communicates something about their new buddy.

Meanwhile, the students in New York were following the same process but we had NO idea what they were doing with our photos. It was very exciting waiting for all to be revealed. While we were waiting we wrote cards to the students. You can see all their finished work here: ARTSONIA.

Yesterday my students finally got to see the work the other school created and it was AWESOME. They also wrote letters to us. I have printed all of the artworks and letters, and now they are in a big display near the cafeteria.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My students had so much fun looking at the art so when I asked for them to write or video a message back they didn’t hesitate. I gave them the choice of using LifeCards, Comic Book, iMovie or ExplainEverything. Unfortunately, there are a few errors but they only had one class to do it.

Thank you so much Grace Barrett for supporting this collaboration. My students have honestly loved the connection. Hope we can do it again sometime.




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