G6 NY to Vietnam Collaboration

Meeting our NY Buddies

For the last 5 weeks my students have been working with a class in New York. They have all been matched with a buddy. We have swapped photos and now it is up to each person to copy, REMIX, transform their photo into an amazing artwork which captures the interests and characteristics of the student. We began with a survey so that we could get to know each other.

Now it was time to play and learn! We practised 4 small techniques pictured above. Technique 1: Geometric coloured background and cut the face into an interesting shape inspired from:


Technique 2: Mixed media, found objects on the photo, photograph and manipulate on Snapseed.

Technique 3: Teesha Moore inspired collage.


Technique 4: Draw a background filled with their interests, characteristics then cut the face into strips inspired from this photo:


Once the students had experimented with the 4 techniques it was now time to design and combine their favourite techniques and create their final.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last step of this task was to use the app Lifecards and write a letter to the student.


Now, we are moving onto our second student. For this one we are exploring digital art. The students are experimenting with a wide variety of apps and are learning to merge and mash using layers. This piece will be very different to the one they have just completed. My students are so excited to see what the NY students created with their photos. As soon as we have them I will write another post and share ALL the awesome work.




One thought on “G6 NY to Vietnam Collaboration

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  1. Hi, Mrs. Jardin and your students!!!
    Today I showed this blog to my students here in New York and they were so excited to see the work in progress and some of the terrific results! Cannot wait to see them all finished. We are in the middle of the creative process ourselves. When we meet again next week, I will be sure to take some pictures and share them with you. Thanks for all your hard work and beautiful results-
    Ms. Barrett

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