Chair Sculptures in Grade 8

Using ArtCloud app
Using ArtCloud app

The grade 8 students have begun a HUGE yet very exciting unit this quarter, chair sculpture. That’s right each student is given a wooden chair, they have to follow the design process to transform the chair. It does not need to be functional but it does need to incorporate at least 4 of the elements of sculpture and be interesting from all angles. You still have to be able to recognize the chair. 

The students began by brainstorming their theme. This is a fun part because anything is possible. After they have narrowed down their brainstorming they begin to sketch ideas. Everything is still possible.

Concepts in PicCollage

Now that the students have fabulous ideas it was time to learn about different types of sculpture and more importantly the elements of sculpture. We used Cloudart as a way to document key words and thoughts and then collected one to two images of each principle and annotated them with skitch. This was my way to check the student’s understanding before they continued with the design process.

We reviewed the task and looked at samples from my class in Ghana who also did an incredible job with this task a couple of years ago. All designs were reviewed, evaluated and refined. The final design had to be labeled with techniques, materials and the elements. The last step before constructing was researching HOW to make the sculpture. This is where You Tube becomes particularly handy!

Design process for the chair.
Design process for the chair.


As the students build their sculpture they are required to document the process so we are using 30Hands app which has a few things that needs improving but overall is a very convenient app. My students need to take one photo at the end of class and then annotate or record their voice reflecting on their progress for the day. Over time these photos combine to make a slideshow and movie. It is going to be so awesome seeing the students reach their goals, solve problems and face challenges over this quarter.



This is one slide only. Each class, the students will create at least one slide. In the end these slides are combined and shared as a movie.

You can use arrows, drawings, text and voice. Sometimes when there are only a couple of minutes left voice is the best option because it is quicker.

This is an example of a slide which used text and the drawing tool and no voice. Unfortunately, right now there is no way to correct typos in the text and there are no filled in boxes so it is sometimes hard to see the text over a photo. I contacted the 30Hands company and they said they work working on it. I was very impressed by the quick feedback. I will be curious to see how the final videos go because this is the first time I have used 30Hands Pro.



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