Mandala Collaboration

My grade 7 students are currently learning about Mandalas and radial design. They began with a brief research using the Question Formulation Technique. We then collaborated with Lawrence S Ting (LST) school, which is the local school next door. We walked to the school next door and the students taught our students one technique. The following class the LST students came to our art room to learn a second technique which was very different to the first one.

All the students have learnt the third technique at home. Now, we have finally made it to the designing phase. We are choosing our favourite technique and are designing Mandalas based on the theme of cities. A final A3 sized mandala is the first part of the task.

              flickr photo shared by Stuck in Customs under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-SA ) license

The second part of the task is to swap designs, look at the positives and redesign a mandala which incorporates parts of at least four student designs. These will then be painted onto umbrellas and hung as an installation representing the connection between our schools and “art in the city“. This task is a modified version of the one I did last year which was a huge success the only difference is the collaboration with LST school.

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