Quarter 2 MS Art At SSIS

Enjoy this wonderful reflection of our time in studio A300 over the last quarter. Note: Some of these tasks were during quarter one as well.

We have really accomplished a great deal from collaboration to awesome stop motion movies. Thanks so much to everyone who participated in art during the first semester. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have moved onto another elective, you will certainly be missed!

Feel free to let me know what you thought of the course here (in the comment section) or tell me something you can do now with art or iPads that you never thought you could/would do.

In a week I will begin sharing the progress of my semester two classes. Stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “Quarter 2 MS Art At SSIS

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  1. One of the projects that I enjoyed the most was the sculpture stop-motion video. My group had many interesting ideas to incorporate into our video. Also, even though the result didn’t turn out as fantastic as we wanted it to be, I was able to learn how to use imovie better and that only move the sculptures a few millimeters for every picture.

    1. Hina, I am really glad you enjoyed the stop motion and sculpure. Stop motion is harder than it looks but you did a brilliant job and worked very well with your group. I just posted it on the Facebook page. Thanks for your comment.

  2. In quarter 1&2 I enjoyed doing our wire sculpture and our eye pastel the most because it’s really interesting and the end result was stunning. I never thought that from a blank piece of paper can turn into a realistic animal eye or from wire and stockings can turn into a galaxy sculpture. We also used ipads to create digital art with the art pieces that we already did. In my opinion, I liked megaphoto the most because there were different filters and effects you can use on your photos. To sum up, those were the things I enjoyed the most in Art 7, quarter 1&2

    1. Alina, it sounds like you enjoyed nearly everything we did! Thanks so much for your comment. You know I am very proud of everything you have created! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  3. I really liked the realistic animal eye drawing. Although it may have seemed useless, I think doing it two times helped because we could learn from mistakes. I also think that project was very fun and it was a chance to get to know pastels, and learn to use them.

    1. San, thanks for your comment. I enjoy knowing what people enjoyed once the task is over. I am glad you saw the value of practicing skills and learning from them. Your eye was fabulous and even though you didn’t mention it I was particularly impressed with your stocking sculpture. The paint effect was unique and truly captured your style and flair with colour. Well done and thanks again for the comment.

  4. In Quarter 1 and 2, I enjoyed all the topics we covered. I must say that I enjoyed the Name sculpture the most because we got to use different art elements and design the letters as the way we wanted. However, the other topics were really enjoyable too. For the stop motion video, I got to experience the new App, and I developed team work skills. Finally, of course I really love the pastel eye drawing along with the wire sculpture. When I was drawing the pastel eye drawing, I love how I could play we the different colors. We learnt a lot of topics like how to use the grids, the color combinations, etc. In the process of the wire sculpture, I liked the fact that we got to design our sculpture freely with different techniques. Overall, all the topics we learnt in quarter 1 and 2 was amazing and I look forward to the new projects in Semester 2. I LOVE ARTTTT!

    1. I LOVE that you LOVE ART! 🙂 Even though the name sculpture was not in this video I’m glad you still remember it as it seems so long ago now. You definitely worked well in the team and have gained some very strong art skills. It seems like you liked the structure of some of the classes so you could learn new skills and the freedom of others. I am looking forward to seeing what you do next! Thanks for your lovely comment.

  5. I really enjoyed the wire sculptures, and stop motion. For the sculptures, I really liked how we could just let our ideas and designs run freely and that managed to create really cool ideas for the sculptures. Same with the stop motion videos. We could just have random, crazy video ideas. And it was even more fun when I goofed off with Nghi and Hina in the video making process.. 😀

    1. Lissa I love how your personality and passions shine through your art! The stop motion was very successful especially with the sound track and editing. Seeing the whole class jump is something I will never forget. I’m glad you enjoyed the freedom of the task and the video making. Hope we will see you back in the art room next school year!

  6. I really enjoyed learning about the different techniques in drawing. I didn’t know that I had the ability to do some of the stuff in art, because honestly, I never tried. But in art class, I got to create new ideas, experiment, and enjoy creating weird things. To be honest, I never saw myself as an art person. But after semester 1, I was very surprised that I loved it. Thank you Mrs. Jardin for making art fun and exciting for me!

    1. YaYa I am so glad you enjoyed art so much. You did a fabulous job with your still life and painting. I loved your video too. I really appreciate how you took the task seriously and gave us all an insight into who you are and what makes home special. Thanks for a wonderful semester, you are definitely missed!

  7. I think my favorite project in Semester 1 is the abstract sculptures because it was really fin creating the sculpture because it used materials that I never used in an art project before. I also liked painting the sculpture as well because we had to paint layers and layers which was fun doing. 🙂

    1. Andrew, I am glad you enjoyed the freedom of the sculptures. The painting of yours is very striking, a fabulous idea. Thanks for taking the time to make a comment.

  8. I enjoyed creating a stop motion video because we got to work as a group to brainstorm, and we also got to use the sculpture that we created. I think our video was successful because we brought each of our idea into one piece which made our video even better! I hope we can create a stop motion video in other classes too. Art in semester 1 was very fun!

    1. Miki I am really glad you enjoyed the art class and really hope to see you next year. Your group worked really well together for the stop motion. I can see why you enjoyed it.

  9. I really enjoyed doing the stop motion videos on our sculpture. It was really fun using the app and in the end our video turn out great even though it doesn’t turn out to be what we expected because we ran out of time. 🙂

    1. Nghi, I am glad you enjoyed the stop motion. The rest of your group said the same thing. Even though it didn’t turn out exactly as you wanted it was certainly very effective and required limited editing which is fantastic. Thanks for your comment.

  10. I really enjoyed painting the sculptures because I got to do lots of design. My sculpture turned out great and I wanted to paint even more.

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