Stop Motion Sculptures G7

Sculpture Review

I have written about this task previously but just for a quick review the students made their sculptures out of stocking, wood and wire. Then they sketched them in their books (observational drawing) and photographed them. Three concepts were created on the iPad using Procreate and three concepts were drawn in their books. Once they had a final design they were ready to paint.

When the painting was complete their process was documented using ComicBook and PicCollage. This was printed and stuck into their books and uploaded to their blogs. A brief reflection was written onto their blogs.


So often we create work, individually reflect and display that we forget to look at each others final products so this time I created a form where they had to write 4 positive comments and an artist response to each sculpture. I took a time lapse of both classes. Here is one of the classes: LINK

Stop Motion Introduction

Now it was time to begin Stop Motion we watched 4 videos which used different materials from people, whiteboards, clay to food.

Then the students had to find three videos that they loved and explain why they were their top three and what makes a Stop Motion successful?

It was now time to consider camera angles and framing so we looked at this website: . The students wrote on post-it notes something they found interesting and something they plan to use in their own video.

Of course no iPad app is successful without 10-15mins play time! So the students formed groups of 3  and created a quick Stop Motion as a 10min challenge. At the end of the challenge they had to project their movie and discuss as a class. With the time limit it meant nothing would be amazing but a great deal could be learnt about iMotion Pro.

One example from Quang Hieu, Kara and Essie:


After learning from their successes and mistakes it was time to plan and film their own Stop Motions, this time incorporating their sculptures. This is currently work in progress but I have to say every time I see Stop Motion in action behind the scenes it is always so astounding how engaging it is and how involved EVERY student is. I love it!

In my next post I’ll showcase the final videos which will be due before next Friday.

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