Quotes, Photos and Painting G8


Grade 8 students are reflecting upon their homes and what is important to them here in Vietnam. I have discussed this unit before but will do a quick recap for those of you who haven’t read the post. 🙂

Step 1: The students had to take a panoramic photo of their house or neighborhood and upload it to their Drive.

Step 2: The photo was spun in the Tiny Planet App which was then manipulated in MovieFX and Megaphoto

Step 3: Paint a background onto the canvas and project the design onto the canvas.

Step 4: Paint from large to small after reviewing paint techniques.

H/W: “Take photos of things around home which are really important to you. Why is your place in Vietnam “home”? What do you do every day? Where do you hang out?  Consider the photography rules from the previous unit. The photos only have to mean something to you.”

Step 5: Complete the painting. Then find a quote or write a quote that truly resonates with you about your home.

Step 6: Print the collage photos and stick them on. Protect them with a layer of gel and dry brush some paint into them so that they become a part of the painting and add the quote.

Here are some awesome progress photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

H/W: “Take your top 7-10 photos (stories) drop them into iMovie and explain why they are important to you. This will play as one combined video on a loop with your paintings.”


The paintings are due next week I will add one final post with the paintings and the movie. Stay tuned!

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