Final G7 Stocking Sculptures are AWESOME

I spoke about this task earlier but basically the students created these fabulous sculptures out of stocking, wood and wire. They drew their sculpture in their books and created 3 designs and then photographed the sculpture and used Procreate to create 3 more concepts.

After thorough planning they were ready to paint. The students who really thought about their designs found them much easier to paint. The ones who didn’t had to repaint several times. In art the process is just as important if not more important than the final results.

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I love how varied the designs are and how the sculpture changes completely depending which angle you look at it. Since we were studying Realism to Abstraction for the animal eyes I decided to give the students a choice for their final design. It could be either Abstract, based on nature or under the sea. Space and fire seemed to be very popular. They are just getting varnished and will be on display very soon. The next step will be to make a stop motion with them.


Once the sculpture was complete and photographed the students used Comic Book and Pic Collage to explain the process then they evaluated their work on their blogs.


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