Traditional and Digital Development in G7

In grade 7 we are experimenting with wire stocking sculptures inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest. I have wanted to make these for a very long time and finally we are doing it! The students began with a wooden block with two holes drilled in it then they bent a wire into an interesting shape. Lastly, they stretched a stocking over the wire and block and painted it twice in Gesso.

Now for the fun part! Figuring out our ideas and painting the sculpture. We designed 3 ideas in our books and three on the iPads using Megaphoto and Procreate. The cool thing about Procreate is it now records your drawing process so you can see how you created it and I can see the thinking behind the student’s ideas.

Drawing in our sketchbooks meant the students had to draw their sculpture from observation which is also an important skill. I love how the iPads make the process quick yet the drawing builds up traditional skills. Their topic was very open as it had to be inspired by the shape of their sculpture. The design could be Abstract with patterns or some realism and the theme was nature or under the sea. Really as long as the students are really looking at the shape and are considering all angles I don’t mind what they paint.

I will add their final results here in a week. I can’t wait to see the variety. Another year I would love to try this technique but turn them into lights!




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