Collaborating and Connecting in G6


Yesterday in Grade 6 my students collaborated with the local school next door (Lawrence S Ting). Each grade 6 students had 2 or 3 local grade 7 students to teach. The main goal of this task was to show the students how to draw a portrait following the “rules“and to initiate the first ever collaboration between the two schools.

To make the task even more collaborative we thought we’d turn it into a game. The first step was to draw the back of the head, then each student had to swap drawings, the second step was to draw a mirror frame, then they swapped again. It was now time for drawing the face in the mirror following the rules. The art was swapped for the last time and the entire painting was outlined in oil pastels and painted with watercolours.

Now the students are going to write a small response/feedback which will be displayed with the artwork. All the paintings will be stuck together and displayed as one permanent collaborative piece.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was an exciting and very successful collaboration. Thank you to Baptiste Delvallé for initiating this fabulous opportunity. My students are now very excited to come to your classroom and be taught by your students!

Animoto Video Link

Photos From the Professional Photographer



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