Incredible G8 Still Life Is Complete!

We have finally finished the grade 8 Still Life drawings. This unit was long but very successful. I could not be happier with the results. Most students demonstrated strong compositional, observational drawing and toning skills. Not to mention the ability to present and reflect upon their work and process.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once the work was complete the students tried out, for the first time a peer feedback sheet. This was awesome because it allowed us time to stop, look and reflect on all the hard work they had done. Often when work is completed it is instantly displayed and we forget to do this final important celebration. Here is a video demonstrating how it worked.

Video link if needed.

Now, that they are finished there are two classes for the students to collate all their photos and videos to demonstrate their process and reflect upon their final piece using a variety of media based on student choice. The options were to create a Pinterest board, add a folder to Creatubbles, imovie, Explain Everything, Book Creator, iBook Author, Do Ink or Digital slideshow using either Animoto, Key Note, Prezzi, or Goodle Slides. It was fascinating to see what students chose. I will share their results here when they are all done. So stay tuned!


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